Mark Munsterhjelm

Dr. Mark Munsterhjelm

Mark Munsterhjelm, PhD, MA, BA

Office: 157 CHS
Telephone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3724


Research and Teaching Areas:

Dr. Munsterhjelm’s research focuses on racism and ideology in genetic research on Indigenous peoples. He is currently studying how several Indigenous peoples in Latin America and the Pacific region have been objectified and incorporated into forensic genetic identification technologies and security-related biotechnology development. Utilizing an innovative synthesis of postcolonial theory, governmentality, actor network theory, semiotics and rhetoric, his recent book Living Dead in the Pacific: Contested Sovereignty and Racism in Genetic Research on Taiwan Aborigines (UBC Press, 2014) won the 2015 Canadian Communication Association Gertrude J. Robinson Book Prize.

Recent Courses Taught:

Dr. Munsterhjelm teaches courses in qualitative research methods and research design covering topics such as research ethics, critical discourse analysis, semiotic analysis, ethnography, and sociology of scientific knowledge.

  • Researching Social Life (48-290) at the Second Year Level
  • Qualitative Approaches to Social & Cultural Research (48-390) at the Third Year Level
  • Qualitative Research Design (48-616) at the Graduate Level (MA and PhD)


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Dalhousie University – Bioethics)
  • PhD (University of Windsor – Sociology)
  • MA (University of Victoria – Indigenous Governance)
  • BA (Carleton University – Economics and Psychology)

Recent and Key Publications:


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Conference Presentations

  • 2014. Beyond the Line: The Subjectivity of the Karitiana Indigenous People as Abnormal Other in the Security Dispositif. Canadian Sociological Association 2014 Conference, Brock University.
  • 2014. Necrovalue and the Subjectivity of Indigenous Peoples’ as Abnormal Other in the Genetic Dispositif. Canadian Sociological Association 2014 Conference, Brock University.
  • 2013. Taiwan Aborigines as Necrovalue in Biotechnology. Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, Michigan State University.