Reza Nakhaie

Dr. Reza NakhaieReza Nakhaie, PhD
Professor & Graduate Chair

Office: CHS 156-1 
Telephone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3706



Dr. Nakhaie has been actively involved in the study of social class, gender and race/ethnicity as principle categories in the organization of daily social life and how these shape social rankings, access to resources and life experiences. His main focus of investigation is on the role of equity (justice and fairness) and diversity (various demographic concerns) in Canadian society, in general, and more recently, in higher education. His research interests also involve topics such as crime, delinquency, fear of crime, family violence and the role of the media in perpetuating a hegemonic conception of social reality.

His current research involves the investigation of several areas:

  • Labour market integration of immigrants
  • Social mobility of minority groups
  • Elite challenging behaviours


  • PhD (University of Waterloo - Sociology)
  • MA
  • BA

Recent and Key Publications:


  • Nakhaie, R. 2018. Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Canada: Theory and Evidence. Nelson.
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Book Chapters:

  • Nakhaie, R. 2017. Liberty aspiration and political behaviours. In Readings in Sociology, edited by L. Tepperman and P. Albanese. Oxford University Press. 
  • Nakhaie, R. 2016. What drives elite-challenging behaviours? In Understanding Inequality: Social Costs and Benefits, edited by N. Stehr and A. Machin. Zeppelin University Press. 
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  • Social Capital and Social Outcomes, SSHRC.
  • Vertical Mosaic among the Canadian professoriate, SSHRC.
  • Labour Market Integration of Immigrants, SSHRC.
  • Successful Partnership Grant: Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition, SSHRC (co-investigator).       
  • Self-control and Educational Attainment, SSHRC (co-investigator).
  • Community Social Capital and Crime, SSHRC (co-investigator).
  • The Multi-dimensional Impact of Information Communication technology on Literacy Development of Ethnic Minority Students,  SSHRC (co-investigator).
  • Growing New Roots: Understanding Homelessness among immigrants and Refugees in a Border City, SSHRC (co-investigator).
  • Multi-barriers for Asian Immigrant Settlement and Integration,   Heritage Canada (co-investigator).
  • Newcomers’ Assets and Resources (contract, YMCA).
  • Social Capital and Integration of Newcomers  (internal).
  • Social Capital and Integration of Immigrants  (internal).
  • Integration of Immigrants  (internal).
  • Social Inequality and Health (internal).
  • Race-targeted Policies (internal).

Academic Society Involvement:

  • Executive Editor, Canadian Review of Sociology (2009-2013)

Recent Conference Presentations:

  • Nakhaie, M.R. 2019. Tools for Publication in Journals by Graduate Students, University of Windsor.
  • Nakhaie, R., Halliday, J., and Roberts, S. 2019. Retirement inequalities: the immigrant ethnic origin effects. Metropolis Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Nakhaie, R. 2018. Self-control and educational attainment of youth newcomers. Metropolis Conference, Calgary, Alberta.
  • Nakhaie, R. 2018. Social capital and immigrant integration. Leadership Training Conference, YMCA, Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario.
  • Nakhaie, R. 2018. Youth newcomers’ education and employment. YMCA, Windsor, Ontario.
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  • Nakhaie, R., Social Capital and Immigrant Integration, 2018, Leadership Training and Conference Centre, YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Invited.
  • Nakhaie, R. 2017. Service workers and needs of newcomers. Windsor–Essex, Chatham–Kent Professional Development Conference for IRCC Professionals, Windsor, Ontario.
  • Nakhaie, R. and Datta, P. 2016. Social capital and suicidal ideation. Canadian Sociological Association, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Nakhaie, R. 2016. Political trust and incumbency vote. New Directions in Humanities, University of Illinois, Chicago.
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