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The Student Counselling Centre is following the University of Windsor’s Emergency Academic Plan and is now closed to all in-person appointments, effective March 18th. Please see below for the change in service offerings:

  • If you wish to make an appointment, we are working remotely by offering telephone and/or video conferencing.  Please email and we will contact you back within 24-48 hours. 
  • If you need to speak with someone immediately please contact MySSP at 1-844-451-9700 or download the ‘MySSP’ app for 24/7 talk or text counselling by licenced counsellors in multiple languages.
  • If your or someone else’s life is at risk, please call 911 for emergency services.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time as we strive to continue to provide the best possible service to our campus community.

Find COVID-19 mental health tips, coping strategies and resources to manage your wellbeing during the pandemic:

The Student Counselling Centre at the University of Windsor provides registered students free, confidential mental health counselling delivered by trained mental health professionals. Students in crisis will be provided with support and counselling.

Although attending university can be an exciting and dynamic experience, it can also present some challenges. Outside of the obvious academic pressures, students may have to deal with stresses related to:

  • Physical or mental illness (e.g., depression, anxiety)
  • Family issues
  • Identity confusion
  • Time management
  • The end of important relationships
  • Illness or death of a loved one
  • Moving away from home
  • Financial concerns

Sometimes coping with one or more of these stresses can prove to be overwhelming. The professional staff of the Student Counselling Centre are here to help!

The University offers short-term counselling and therapy services to students who may be experiencing a number of emotional and or behavioural difficulties during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer semesters.

If a student has a need for long-term counselling, the University may provide referrals to assist the student in accessing resources in the community.

Drop-In Support Groups

Feeling alone? Isolated? Stressed? We are here for you! The Student Counselling Centre drop-in support group program is available to all University of Windsor students and currently has three different support groups that you can join on a volunteer basis. 

**NEW drop-in group available Monday & Wednesdays - Racialized Voices Gather Together 

For more information or to join a Drop-In Support Group, click on the access button below.


Join a Drop-In Support Group Session



Click the picture below to find out about our wellness groups:


In Solidarity

We are extremely saddened and angered by the tragic and all too familiar circumstances surrounding the killing of George Floyd and so many others who have died before him as victims of violence and racism. We recognize how deeply distressing this situation is, especially for Black students of our community. Racism, discrimination, prejudice, can be traumatic and negatively impact mental health. It is natural to be experiencing feelings of grief, anger, hopelessness, resentment, anxiety, and uncertainty. We know that racism is something that many of our students struggle with daily. Although we can never fully understand what it feels like to live with this as part of your daily reality, we stand with you in solidarity and say that this is wrong. Racism must stop. 

As mental health professionals we have the duty and obligation to break down barriers to accessing mental health for all students, particularly for marginalized students. We must not stay silent in the face of systemic racism. These past weeks have been particularly difficult to witness and process through social media and the 24-hour news cycle. To anyone who is finding this stressful and traumatic, it is ok to take a break from the news and tend to your own mental health. We are here to support you and are working on ways to provide some specific supports to our Black students. The staff of the Student Counselling Centre stands with you in solidarity in your fight for equality and justice. If you need to talk, our staff is here and available to all registered students. Please see below on how to access our services and also for 24/7 supports.