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How to Find Help

Reaching out for support is always strong, courageous, and resilient. It can also feel vulnerable to trust someone with your experiences and confusing at times to know which resources to access. 

This page will provide you with more information about help-seeking, outline resources that are available on campus and in the community to help with a variety of support needs, as well as provide tips for how you can advocate for yourself to ensure your needs are met when you do reach out. All of the services listed on this website are free and confidential.

If you are in crisis or need to talk to someone right away, please click the red "I'm in crisis" button to learn how you can access help immediately. 

Red button with white text that states "I'm in crisis and need help now"

How Do I Know When to Reach Out For Support?

Everyone needs support sometimes. No matter what you're experiencing: if you're ready to talk, there are trained professionals and volunteers on campus and in the community who are here for you and ready to listen. You don't have to be in crisis or thinking about suicide to set up a counselling appointment or to call a helpline. It's okay to reach out now. What you're experiencing matters and you deserve support.

It's time to reach out for support if...

  • You feel like you would benefit from having more support.
  • You would like to have someone caring to talk to about what you're experiencing.
  • There's something on your mind that is causing you to worry or feel stressed.
  • You experienced something upsetting and would like support processing what happened or coping with the impact.
  • You haven't been feeling like yourself (even if you're not sure why).
  • You're feeling irritable or frustrated often.  
  • You're feeling lonely or disconnected from others.  
  • You have been isolating yourself from people you care about  (e.g., not wanting to spend time with people you normally want to spend time with).
  • You're feeling sadness that doesn’t go away.  
  • You're feeling overwhelmed or anxious a lot.  
  • You're crying more than usual.  
  • You're feeling numb or shut down.  
  • You find yourself engaging in impulsive or potentially risky behaviours. 
  • You have been using substances to cope.  
  • You're struggling with concerns around eating or body image.
  • You're exploring your sexual or gender identity and need someone to talk to.
  • You need help navigating an unsafe environment or relationship.
  • You're feeling hopeless or helpless.
  • You're experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself*

This is not an exhaustive list. You can reach out at any time to talk about anything that's on your mind. Your emotions are valid and important.

*If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please click here or on the red crisis button above for information about how to find immediate support. 

Self-Advocacy Skills when Reaching Out for Help

When you are making the decision to reach out for help, it's normal to feel unsure about how to navigate the conversation. Click here to learn more about how you can get the conversation started and explore communication strategies for helping to ensure your needs are met. 

On-Campus Mental Health Supports for Students

What is professional mental health care?

Professional mental health care is provided by registered professionals, such as registered psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and doctors. These professionals have completed many years of education and are trained in a variety of approaches for providing support, assessing needs, managing symptoms of distress, and helping you work towards healing. At the University of Windsor, professional mental health supports are free and confidential for registered students and can be accessed through the Student Counselling Centre and Student Health Services (psychiatry and physician counselling). There are also many off-campus resources that are available to anyone in the community, including several that are free. All resources listed on the It Matters that You're Here site are free to access unless otherwise noted.

When should I access professional mental health care?

Professional mental health care is an important resource to access if you are experiencing difficulties in your life and would like to speak with a registered professional about what you're going through, how you're feeling, and ways to cope. Everyone's mental health fluctuates throughout our lives, from week to week and day to day, even moment to moment at times. Most of the time, we are able to manage the ups and downs by taking care of ourselves and getting support from our friends and loved ones. Sometimes there are tragic events, illness or multiple difficulties that build up at once and we find ourselves struggling to cope. When our regular coping strategies are not working, if we are having significantly disturbed sleep, consistent low mood, not functioning the way we usually do at school or work, having intrusive thoughts, isolating or withdrawing ourselves, and ESPECIALLY if we are having thoughts of suicide or self harm it is important to seek professional help. Professionals have completed many years of education and are trained in a variety of approaches for providing support, assessing needs, managing symptoms of distress, and helping you work towards healing.

What professional mental health resources are available on campus for students?

Student Counselling CentreProfessional, confidential mental health and wellness supports including resources, referrals, individual and group therapy offered at no cost to current UWindsor students. Schedule an intake assessment by email:, calling 519-253-3000 x 4616, or coming into the office. Location: CAW Student Centre Room 293 

Student Health Services | Campus-based health care for UWindsor students, available by appointment. Schedule an appointment by calling 519-973-7002. Location: CAW Student Centre Room 242 

What if I prefer to seek professional counselling off campus? 

If you prefer to seek counselling off-campus, the benefit plans provided to UWindsor students and permanent employees include some coverage for mental health counselling. UWindsor students are covered by a Health & Dental insurance plan provided through their student union, and permanent employees are covered by an extended benefits plan provided by the University. Alternatively, your parents/guardians or spouse may have a plan that you are covered by.

Full time undergraduate students see the UWSA Health and Dental Plan for more information. 

Part-time undergraduate students see the OPUS Benefits Plan for more information.

Graduate students see the GSS Supplemental Benefits Plan for more information.

International students see the International Student Centre's page for more information about health coverage while in Canada.

Employees see the Human Resources Benefits page for more information.

What is peer support?

Peer support is provided by trained volunteers who offer active listening, collaborative problem solving, and connection to additional resources. At the University of Windsor, Peer Support is provided by trained student volunteers on a drop-in basis (no appointment needed).

When should I access peer support?

Peer support is a good resource to access when you:

  • Are looking for space to talk about what is on your mind
  • Feel more comfortable speaking with a peer
  • Want to learn more about other resources that are available to you
  • Would like to have someone help you set up an appointment with the Student Counselling Centre
  • Need some extra support in between your counselling appointments.

What peer support resources are available on campus for students?

Peer Support CentreThe Peer Support Centre is staffed by trained UWindsor student Peer Support Volunteers who provide active listening and referral. No appointment is required. Students can drop in to the Peer Support Centre located in the CAW Student Centre - Room 291 during hours of operation.  See website for hours and service updates.

Lancers RecoverLancers Recover uses a peer-to-peer mentorship model to create an intentional and recovery-affirming environment where students who are interested in or seeking recovery from problematic alcohol and substance use can receive the assistance and support they need to achieve academic and personal success. They provide weekly recovery meetings that support all pathways to recovery and do not require abstinence, only a desire to explore personal substance use to reduce harm caused by substances. To access support from Lancers Recover, please email The program coordinator will contact you to arrange an intake meeting, which can be done virtually or in-person. To learn more, please visit their website.

BIDE 2SLGBTQ+ Drop InMore information to come! 

If you are a student worried about your well-being and aren't sure where to turn to for help or how to start the conversation, you can complete a Care Alert form by clicking here and a member of the University of Windsor's Assessment and Care Team will follow up with you to provide supports and resources within 24-48 business hours. Please note they cannot provide immediate crisis response.

Care Alerts can also be completed by faculty, staff, family members and friends who are concerned about a student and wish to connect them with campus-based support. For more information, please visit the links above.

24/7 Mental Health Supports

Good2Talk | 24/7

Mental health support for Ontario post-secondary students, with translation services available in 100+ languages.

Call:1-866-925-5454 (reach professional counsellors)

Text: GOOD2TALKON to 686868 (reach trained volunteers)

Wellness Together Canada | 24/7

Mental health & substance use counselling and support for anyone living in Canada. Translation services available on request.

Call: 1-866-585-0445 (reach professional counsellors)

Text: WELLNESS to 686868 (reach trained volunteers)

If you are an employee looking for support, please visit UWindsor's Employee Mental Health Resources page to learn more about the Employee and Family Assistance Program (free 24/7 counselling and support), as well as additional resources that are available to you.

Community Crisis Line | 24/7

Community-based crisis support for anyone 16+ in Windsor-Essex.

Call: 519-973-4435 (reach professional crisis workers)

Crisis Text Line Powered by Kids Help Phone | 24/7

Emotional support provided by trained volunteers for anyone living in Canada.

Text CONNECT to 686868 (reach trained volunteers)

Talk Suicide Canada [Previously Canada Suicide Prevention Service] | 24/7

Support provided by trained volunteers for anyone in Canada concerned about suicide.

Call:1-833-456-4566 (24/7) (reach trained volunteers)

Text: 45645 (4:00 pm-midnight EST) (reach trained volunteers)

Connex Ontario | 24/7

Connex Ontario is an information and referral service, focusing on mental health, addiction and problem gambling resources in the province.


Specialized Supports

Trans Lifeline | 24/7 (available to trans people in North America)

Provides direct emotional support to trans people in crisis – for the trans community, by the trans community.

Call: 1-877-330-6366


Trans Wellness Ontario: Trans & Queer Community Health & Support Centre | *No crisis services* (available to Windsor-Essex community)

Provides free services including mental health and addictions counseling, transition guides, a food and clothing pantry, support for marginalized youth, specialized events, and a safe space for collective action. For more information, please contact reception:

Call: 226-674-4745



QLink Windsor-Essex (available to Windsor-Essex community)

A collaborative of three local organizations including Windsor Pride Community, Windsor-Essex Pride Fest and Family Services Windsor-Essex working together to deliver peer-led supports, programs and counselling for LGBTQ+ youth between the ages of 12-29 years of age and their families, caregivers, allies and friends.

Call: 1-888-933-1831 or email if you need our support.


LGBT YouthLine (available to youth in Ontario)

Youth Line offers confidential and non-judgemental peer support in Ontario through their telephone, text and chat services. For service hours and contact information, please click here. 

Asian Mental Health Collective

Normalizes and de-stigmatizes mental health within the Asian community.

Black Student Support Coordinator | On-Campus (available to UWindsor students)

Provides support, advocacy, and referrals to campus and community resources for Black, Caribbean and African students at the University of Windsor. For more information and to access support, please click here


Black Youth Helpline (available to all youth in Canada) 

Serves all youth and specifically responds to the need for a Black youth specific service, positioned and resourced to promote access to professional, culturally appropriate support for youth, families and schools.

Call: 416-285-9944 

Toll Free: 1-833-294-8650

Everyday 9 am - 10 pm

Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association (BANA) | *No crisis services* (intake available to all ages, clinical services available to adults in Windsor-Essex)

Specialized treatment, education and support services for individuals in Windsor-Essex affected directly and indirectly by eating disorders.

Office: (519) 969-2112

Intake Requests: 1-855-969-5530 


National Eating Disorder Information Centre (available to anyone in Canada)

NEDIC provides information, resources, referrals and support to Canadians affected by eating disorders through our toll-free helpline and instant chat. 

Call: 1-866-NEDIC-20  


Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support | On-Campus (available to all members of the UWindsor community)

Campus-based support for all members of the University of Windsor community who have had an unwanted or non-consensual sexual experience.


UWindsor Sexual Misconduct Policy


Personal Safety Planning | On Campus (available to all members of the UWindsor community)

In situations involving unwanted, threatening, or abusive behaviour which may lead to acts of violence or impact your safety on campus, a personal safety plan can be developed for any student or employee to identify potential actions that can be taken to increase personal safety on campus. To initiate the campus safety planning process, please email the Campus Community Police Community Safety Office. Note that Occupational Health and Safety will be contacted by Campus Community Police when the matter involves an employee. The Health and Safety office provides assistance and support to employees on matters involving occupational health and safety and workplace violence, including the coordination of safety planning with Campus Community Police.

Contact Offices:

For information about workplace violence and harassment prevention, please visit the Health & Safety webpage.


Sexual Assault Crisis Line | 24/7 (available to anyone in Windsor-Essex)

Community-based crisis support for anyone in Windsor-Essex with experiences of recent or past sexual violence.

Call: 519-253-9667


Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre | 24/7 (available to anyone in Windsor-Essex)

Services are available to all victims of sexual assault regardless of age or gender. 

Location: Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus, 4th Floor East. 

Call: (519) 254-5577


Hiatus House | 24/7 (available to anyone in Windsor-Essex)

Provides emergency shelter in a safe and secure building for women experiencing abuse and their children.

Call: 519-252-7781 


Nisa Homes (available to women and children, with locations across Canada - including Windsor)

Safe and supportive transitional shelter for status and non-status women and children experiencing domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, or seeking asylum. 

Call: 1-888-456-8043 ext. 403 (Windsor location)



Victim Services Windsor-Essex (available to anyone in Windsor-Essex)

Offers support, information and referrals to individuals affected by crime or traumatic events.

Click here for more information.


Windsor Police Service Victim Assistance Unit (available to anyone in Windsor)

Offers support, information and referrals to individuals affected by crime or traumatic events.

Call: 519-255-6700 Ext 4879

Click here for more information.


Hope for Wellness | 24/7 (available to Indigenous people in Canada)

Helpline for Indigenous people across Canada.



Talk4Healing | 24/7 (available to Indigenous women in Ontario)

A culturally grounded, fully confidential helpline for Indigenous women is available in 14 languages across Ontario.

Crisis Line: 1-888-200-9997

Talk4Healing Help Line: 1-855-554-HEAL (4325)


Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre (available to the Indigenous community in Windsor-Essex)

Offers a variety of local mental health and wellness supports for Indigenous people.

2929 Howard Avenue
Windsor, ON N8X 4W4

Call: 519-253-3243

Muslim Chaplaincy (available to members of UWindsor community)

Offers faith-based counselling, support, and education to members of the campus community. For more information and to access support, please visit:


Naseeha Muslim Mental Health (available to young people worldwide)

Naseeha – Mental Health provides a confidential helpline for young people to receive immediate, anonymous, and confidential support over the phone from 12 PM – 3 AM, 7 days a week (Eastern Standard Time) and over text Monday to Friday.

Call: 1-866-NASEEHA (627-3342)


Nisa Homes (available to women and children, with locations across Canada - including Windsor)

Safe and supportive transitional shelter for status and non-status women and children experiencing domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, or seeking asylum. 

Call: 1-888-456-8043 ext. 403 (Windsor location)


Student Accessibility Services | On-Campus

In addition to the provision/coordination of classroom and testing accommodations, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides a variety of services and supports to students who have registered with SAS, having documented disabilities including:

  • learning disabilities
  • attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • acquired brain injuries
  • vision, hearing and mobility impairments
  • chronic medical conditions
  • psychiatric/mental health conditions

Call: 519-253-3000 ext: 6172
TTY: (519) 973-7091


Community Mental Health Supports

Walk-in crisis support provided by professional crisis workers. Available to anyone living in Windsor-Essex County.

Open 7 days/week

Weekdays: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Weekends: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

744 Ouellette Ave. Windsor, ON

A central access point for adults or youth aged 16 years or older who cannot safely wait for community mental health and addiction support. The service is intended for those experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis or who are having an acute and serious need who are at risk of worsening mental health conditions that may require hospitalization.

Services Include:

  • Brief Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Support
  • Urgent Psychiatric Assessment and Consultation
  • Medical Assessment and Monitoring
  • Connection to community-based services
  • Addiction Management Services


Crisis and Mental Wellness Centre
744 Ouellette Ave.
Windsor, ON

Hours: Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Offers free and confidential mental health and healthcare services to youth ages 12 to 25 without a wait list or referral. This one-stop-shop model of care allows for a multitude of services all under one roof in a youth-friendly space. Services include drop-in single-session counselling with professional counsellors, groups, primary medical care, addiction counselling, peer support, family navigation, educational support, and recreational activities. Click here to learn more!

Windsor Location (Temporary): Maryvale | Cottage 6

3640 Wells St., Windsor, ON   N9C 1T9 

Monday – Friday: 1:00 pm -7:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Leamington Location

Visit their Programs page for services available at the Bridge Youth Resource Centre

310 Sherk St, Leamington, ON N8H 3L1

Professional mental health services including therapy, bereavement counselling, case management, education, and training.

Main office: 519-255-7440 
For inquiries about services:

1400 Windsor Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8X 3L9

Click here to access resource documents that you can download and print.