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How to Reach UWindsor

Flights to Canada

Depending on which country you are coming from, most international flights will first arrive at either Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto, Ontario or Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in Vancouver, British Columbia. If you are arriving in Vancouver, you should also book a connecting flight that takes you to Toronto, where you will then have the following options to get to Windsor:

Transportation from Toronto to Windsor

Transportation from Toronto to Windsor varies depending on cost, comfort, and time constraints.


Flights to Windsor will have to be booked in advance as a connecting flight through the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to the Windsor International Airport (YQG). It may be possible to book a flight on the day you arrive, but it will be much more expensive. Travellers can expect approximately a 1-hour flight from Toronto to Windsor.


To locate the train station, you must first travel to downtown Toronto (CBD) the train station (it is called Union Station). The train (called Via Rail) typically operates multiple times a day and can be paid for the day of, but it is is recommended you purchase your ticket in advance. Train tickets booked more than 2 weeks in advance generally qualify for a discount. Travel time to Winsdor on the train is typically 4-5 hours.

To travel from the Toronto Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto, you can take the Union Pearson Express, a dedicated air-rail link that will take travellers directly to Union Sation Terminal.

Robert Q Airbus Service

This is a shuttle van that runs directly to Windsor from the Toronto Pearson International Airport. It runs multiple times a day and can be contacted via the link provided or by calling the number 519-679-5406. They also have a toll free line from Canada or the US at 1-800-265-4948. Travellers can expect the trip to take 4 hours via the airbus.
** This service is also available for students arriving at Detroit Metropolitan (CTW) airport

Other Forms of Transportation

  • A friend or family member can pick you up
    • Travellers and drivers can expect a 4-5 hour drive, traffic dependent. If you are arriving by car, the University of Windsor is located at the end of Huron Church Road going north towards the river. We are located at the exit of the Ambassador Bridge.
  • Ride Share options - research online should produce a list of available options
  • Look into flying to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) 
    • The airport is about 30 minutes from Windsor so you will need to arrange transportation to get to the University of Windsor. From the airport, you can reach Windsor by taxi, by RobertQ Airbus, or have a friend or family member drive you. There is no option for bus or train from Detroit airport to Windsor.
    • Flying into Detroit means that you will have to go through customs and immigration for both the USA and Canada. Look into American Immigration Information if transitting through the United States, as it requires a strict protocol that must be followed.
    • RobertQ is recommended as taking a taxi can be very expensive, especially once the cost of crossing the border is added in.

*** Make sure you check with the American officials before booking your flight into the USA. Even though you will be living and studying in Canada, the flight into and out of the USA is longer than 90 days and this can cause problems/confusion, and you are therefore going to need/want to have some sort of a USA visa (B1/B2). Having an "ESTA" is often NOT sufficient for this trip