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I'm Deciding on the Perfect Place

Make sure you know who you are living with and your responsibilities as a tenant, check out the resources in this section for this information and more.

Students coming to UWindsor for the first time can find off campus housing through a number of sources.

1. UWindsor student Facebook groups. Students and landlords post rooms, apartments and houses on several student groups regularly. 

2. Kijiji is a Canadian-based, person-to-person online selling forum. It has several safety features and the overwhelming majority of transactions are legitimate, but this service is not monitored by any third party, including the University.  Students should exercise appropriate levels of caution when trying to secure housing through Kijiji, just as they would through Facebook, or some other online service.  Windsor housing listings can be found here. They are updated daily.

3. Places4Students offers a platform where our students can find property listings and more.Visit their site to start your search today.

  • Places4Students – Windsor specific information.
  • Places4Students will take down any landlord who doesn't work well with our students - they are doing their best to provide you with the best housing options around the University of Windsor.