Campus Priorities

In its classrooms, laboratories and libraries, a university campus impacts the learning experiences of students — and the ability of researchers to make the next discovery.

The University of Windsor acknowledges how important a sense of place is to anyone who visits, works, or studies here. It is critical that we provide an environment of collaboration, creativity, and interdisciplinary activities, both on campus and within our community.

The University is now undergoing a major campus revitalization that integrates historical elements with new, bold designs. We are improving learning and research with facilities and equipment such as:

• New classrooms that blend lecture, lab and group learning in one dynamic space.

• Bright, open spaces that integrate the best of modern design, heritage features and green technologies to create a campus that is welcoming, comfortable, and environmentally responsible.

These improvements, both large and small, will provide a foundation for the future of investigation and innovation in an environment that is friendly, green, and visually inviting.