Impact Priorities

The full impact of the University's scholarly and creative activities is felt across generations. What is difficult to quantify today might be impossible to live without tomorrow. The potential to develop life-changing insight, artwork, or technology exists in every individual. The University of Windsor is a place where potential is sustained and encouraged.

Together, our faculty and student researchers address four grand challenges that have far-reaching societal effects: Creating healthy Great Lakes; building viable, safe communities; developing sustainable industry; and understanding borders.

By promoting creativity and innovation, we can contribute to the next great discovery and shape the world around us.

Funding Priorities

Accelerate our ability to address society’s challenges by establishing top research teams, supporting research activities, and publishing and promoting research outcomes.
Attract and retain the brightest minds to UWindsor by contributing graduate student scholarship funding.
Keep UWindsor researchers on the leading edge by upgrading aging research and computing equipment across campus while enhancing library services.