Community Priorities

A University plays a crucial role in driving economic renewal and sustainability. It provides an educated workforce, support for innovation and research, and a place to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. But it also gives back to the people it serves. The University is a partner and it takes pride in the betterment of everyone. 

A strong economy is the basis of a healthy and vibrant society. Equally important is support for the community’s social fabric. From outreach with school children to participation in urban planning, a university sustains the communities it serves, while educating the people who will eventually live or work there.

The University of Windsor is defined, in part, by our collaborative programs and research with businesses, governments and community agencies. Our students, staff, and faculty benefit as much as our partners when we work together to solve problems, implement joint programs, or develop new technologies.

We are extending these efforts beyond our campus. UWindsor students and graduates enrich industry, the arts and civic life, and contribute to a sustainable economy and a vibrant region.

Funding Priorities for the Community

Through the EPICentre, help students develop new businesses by supporting entrepreneurial training, workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities.
Create spaces across campus where students and researchers can work directly with businesses, governments and community agencies to develop new products and start-up companies.
Expand such programs as Community Legal Aid that support the community and, at the same time, provide students with experience in solving real-world issues.