Student Priorities

Every person deserves an opportunity to learn, share their opinion and define their future. A single person can be the tipping point for the development of a life-saving medicine, the composition of an inspiring symphony, or the removal of barriers to justice.

When a university education is accessible to all, everyone benefits. Students gain deeper perspectives when different viewpoints and traditions are shared and lived.

This University is a place where students of every background and income level can come together to create their own opportunities, and achieve their promise.

Funding Priorities for Students

Increase funding to attract top students and provide more support for those with financial need.
Expand support services for students who are disabled, struggling in their first year or facing crisis.
Help more students who face academic and personal challenges.
Provide expanded opportunities for more people – from high school students to industry CEOs – to benefit from and engage with the University.
Additional funding for practical, curriculum-based and extra-curricular activities and academic competitions.
Build more partnerships with U.S. and international universities and colleges, and continue to develop new degree options.
Create new options that can accommodate more students, expand mentorship programs or provide recognition for students engaged in volunteer internships.