Fair Trade Certification

Fair Trade is an important way to make our campus' global connections more ethical and sustainable. Our group is currently working on certifying the University of Windsor as Fair Trade. Pictured here is our group sharing samples of Fair Trade coffee in Leddy Library! 

Members of the Environmental Sustainability group hand out coffee samples to students in Leddy Library

World Wildlife Fund's Designing Change for a Living Planet 2020

Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Connect. Create. Innovate. Design Change 2020

#DYK: If everyone lived like Canadians, we would need 4.7planets per year to sustain our lifestyle? Join our team for @WWFCanada’s
competition for Designing Change for a Living Planet! Visit campus.wwf.ca to apply to attend, or email basok@uwindsor.ca for more information! 

We're Connected!

Instagram logo

We recently became more connected, and now have a Facebook and Instagram page! Follow us at uwindsor.esa on Instagram or like us on Facebook "UWindsor Environmental Sustainability Advocacy", to keep up to date with environmental intitatives, campaigns, acitivties and ways to get involved on encouraging campus and the planet to be green. 

Environmental Literacy Survey 

Pencil writing on paper

Thank you for participating in the survey. Click here to find the right answers to this year's Environmental Literacy Survey.