UWindsor Together: Student Mental Health and Remote Learning Services

Program for the Day

The program has been designed to provide grade 9 students with a sampling of dynamic activities to support their career exploration. The day will consist of a structured program as well as an opportunity to job shadow with their parent/host for a portion of the day.

Grade 9 students who want to job shadow all day rather than participate in the program activities listed below are required to attend the Welcome and Health & Safety components of the structured program.

Please note: photos will be taken during the day activities and may be posted on the University of Windsor social media channels.

Program Overview

8:00 - 8:30 am
Location – Alumni Auditorium – CAW Student Centre

8:30 am
Welcome, Breakfast and Health & Safety Overview
Location – Alumni Auditorium – CAW Student Centre
Employees hosting a student are asked to bring the grade 9 student to the Alumni Auditorium. Hosts are welcome to stay for the opening remarks and breakfast.

8:55 am
Overview of the day; group assignments and ice breaker.
Groups will then walk to the location of their first morning activity – each group will be led by volunteers

9:30 am - 12:00 noon
Morning Activities - rotation 
(Each activity is 40 minutes in length)
Explore Nursing Skills
Hosted by: Faculty of Nursing
Learn proper handwashing techniques and test your hand hygiene! Also, gain some tips on how to listen to heart and lung sounds using our human-like mannequins.
Exploring Careers in Science
Hosted by: Faculty of Science
Students will have the opportunity to learn about exciting and non-traditional careers in science, using Virtual Reality technology, career profiles, and hands-on activities.
Lights! Camera! Action!
Hosted by - Department of Communication, Media and Film, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  
Grade 9 students will get the chance to recreate a scene from one of their favourite movies as well as learn the fundamentals of creating a scene. Some will be tasked as actors and learn their lines and actions for the chosen scene, guided by the director. Others will be key crew members -- moving around lights, positioning and framing the camera, and finding the best place to slide in the boom pole to record clean audio.

12:00 pm
Lunch (40 minutes)
Location – Alumni Auditorium – CAW Student Centre
UWindsor employees hosting a grade 9 student are welcome to join their guests for lunch.

12:40 pm
Groups walk to the location of their first afternoon activity – each group will be led by volunteers.

12:50 - 3:10 pm
Afternoon Activities - rotation 
(Each activity is 40 minutes in length)
Building LEGO Wind Turbines
Hosted by: Faculty of Engineering
This engineering activity focuses on wind turbines and renewable energy. Students will construct their own model wind turbines using specialized LEGO kits to experience the process of converting the motion of air in wind to electricity, which is becoming one of the fastest growing electricity sources in the world. There will be a friendly competition to see which group produces the most volts of electricity.
Eyewitness Identification and Wrongful Convictions  
Hosted by: Faculty of Law
Eyewitness identification error is one of the leading causes of wrongful convictions in Canada. In fact,  70% of wrongful convictions, overturned through DNA testing, were the result of witness identification errors. Students will be given an opportunity to serve as witnesses to consider, in a live demonstration, just how these errors occur.
Odette Product Launch
Hosted by: Odette School of Business
In groups, participants will design a label for a new product. As part of the exercise, team members will need to brainstorm a product name, slogan, price point and description. Each small group will present their product to the rest of the group

3:20 pm
Grade 9 students return to Alumni Auditorium – CAW Student Centre
Hosts are asked to pick up the students and take them to their department for the job shadowing component of the day. Please obtain prior approval from your supervisor for this component of the day. Also please refer to the "Health & Safety" page for a listing of the areas across campus where students are not permitted.
Important: The student has to be signed out by the host. If you are not able to sign the student out, please let us know the name and contact information of the individual who will sign the student out.