picture of black student and UWindsor VIPs

The CUBE Impact

At The CUBE, the impact on Indigenous and Black students is driven by an unwavering commitment to empowerment. Through transformative programs and events, a lasting difference is made in the academic and professional lives of participants. Key areas of meaningful impact include:

Comprehensive support and resources are provided to enhance academic excellence. From research assistantships to funding opportunities, students are empowered to excel, pursue advanced degrees, and contribute to groundbreaking research addressing critical issues in their communities.
Dedication to equipping students with essential skills and experiences for successful careers. Mentorship programs, tailored guidance, and capacity-building initiatives help students navigate career paths, access employment opportunities, and become leaders in their respective fields.
Strong connections are fostered with Indigenous and Black communities through community outreach efforts. By partnering with local organizations and hosting events, active engagement with the community promotes cultural awareness and addresses social issues affecting underrepresented populations.

An emphasis on expanding the boundaries of knowledge by challenging traditional perspectives and amplifying diverse voices. Commitment to comprehensive representation enriches the academic landscape, adding Indigenous and Black perspectives and narratives to scholarly discourse.

Dedication to dismantling systemic barriers that hinder the success of Indigenous and Black scholars. Active challenges and advocacy aim to transform policies, structures, and practices perpetuating inequality, fostering a more equitable and inclusive academic environment.

Impact that extends beyond program duration, celebrating alumni achievements as they become leaders and change-makers in their communities and fields. Equipping alumni with tools for success ensures a lasting positive influence in their personal and professional lives.

At The CUBE, the impact is measured not only by the accomplishments of its participants, but also by the broader societal change it strives to achieve. The CUBE is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive ecosystem where Indigenous and Black scholars thrive, contributing to a more equitable and enriched world.