Have fun, that's where creativitiy and genius starts

About my first year, all I can really say is that focus is the key to VABE.  

I learned the hard way that you cannot let multiple projects, or sleepless nights, or demanding professors have a negative effect on your work.  

Every professor we had first year will tell you, my best project came when it was the only thing on my mind because I got caught up in the overwhelming pile of work called architecture.  

Cherish every moment of sleep, and don’t abuse free time.  


Best part of the program is the people

For me, the VABE program was an amazing experience.  

I definitely learned a lot, even after just one year. 

The best part of the program was the people.  

We all learned so much from each other and from the marvellous professors and faculty.  

The VABE exhibition was one of the most exciting highlights of my freshman experience and I am looking forward to my second year.  


Program strength is a collaboration between two universities

I found the VABE program to be very interesting and unique.  

Despite the fact that we had 7 classes, and there was lots of hard work, I learned a great deal and I’m looking forward to learning more.  

The program seems to be designed for those who really want to be architects.  

It forces students to develop time-management skills and engage in teamwork, which are useful for any university student.  

In my opinion, the program is only made better by it being a collaboration between two universities.  


Projects have real-world application

I must say, first year was like a dream come true for me; which is good, because we didn't get much opportunity to sleep, much less dream.  

In first year we learned things that students at other schools wouldn't learn until at least 3rd year.  

Every project we were assigned had some real-world applications such as our Contemplative Centre project where we designed a new building for the UofWindsor's campus.


VABE tests your limits

My first year of VABE was a whirlwind of new: new experiences, new friendships, new pressures, and new expectations.  

At times, it was amazingly fun.  At other times, it was extremely frustrating. 

VABE is hard and tiring, and it tests your limits, but I loved it nonetheless.

- 2nd Year VABE student Shannon Hawke


The studio became like a second home

My first year as a VABE student was a lot of fun.  

Between classes in Detroit, Windsor, and all that extra studio stuff you don’t really have a lot of free time, but it’s completely worth the hard work when you’re finished and get to see everything you’ve done. 

Studio became like a second home to me, I wasn’t from Windsor and I found working in the studio a lot more enjoyable than sitting around my dorm room.

- 2nd Year VABE student Stephanie Guthrie


Provides a wealth of knowledge and skills

VABE proved to be exciting, and provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills in both Architecture and Visual Arts.  

It was never uninteresting as the experience was full of both enjoyable and challenging instances.  

My first year in the program was a great introduction, and I am now anxious for next year.

- 2nd  Year VABE student Katrina Blanshard   


Stressful, exciting and demanding

First year was stressful, exciting, demanding, and gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.  It was nonstop working, but everything is gratifying in the end when you get to see all you've created throughout the year.

- 2nd  Year VABE student Caleigh Arthur


VABE seamlessly blends visual arts with architecture

I love architecture because there is always something to be discovered, whether it is on the interior or exterior of a building, or just the elated feeling you get when you see it.  

I want to become an architect because I think I can be that person – the one who creates those wonderful discoveries.  I chose VABE because the program seamlessly blends visual arts with architecture, and I had never thought of these two fields being intertwined so closely until VABE.