Have fun, that's where creativitiy and genius starts

About my first year, all I can really say is that focus is the key to VABE.  

I learned the hard way that you cannot let multiple projects, or sleepless nights, or demanding professors have a negative effect on your work.  

Every professor we had first year will tell you, my best project came when it was the only thing on my mind because I got caught up in the overwhelming pile of work called architecture.  

Cherish every moment of sleep, and don’t abuse free time.  

If you get any time where you don’t find yourself cramming for a project, or studying for a class, or brainstorming about an upcoming dilemma, you more than likely should be.  

Do not under estimate any time frame, any project, or any work.  

As long as you dedicate yourself firstly to your work, a lifestyle will fall in place.  

And have fun, because that’s where creativity and genius starts.

- 2nd Year VABE student Ted Price