Architecture is not only habitable space but liveable sculpture

Recent graduate Leonae NicholMy name is Leonae Nichol and I am a recent graduate of the VABE program at the University of Windsor/ UDM.  

What I love about architecture is the fact that what is created is not only habitable space, but it also stands alone as a piece of art - liveable sculpture.  Being an architect involves understanding a bit of every field of study, from Art to Physiology, Construction to Psychology.  

I have always had a passion for creating things and my mother constantly said that I would do something in construction and build her house (among others in the family).  

I chose VABE because I wanted to be a part of the first group of students who were to be part of this new approach to studying architecture; going to two universities in two different countries and taking art while studying architecture.  

My major interest outside of architecture is Track and Field, and I mainly run the 200m but I have also done the 100m, 400m.

Some of my favourite architects include: Louis Sullivan and Mies van der Rohe.

 - VABE graduate Leonae Nichol