Media Arts and Culture

View of the 3rd floor of Detroit's Fisher BuildingView of the 3rd floor of Detroit's iconic Fisher Building
Studio art classes combined with unique academic courses ranging from traditional art history to the visual culture of everyday life.
A Rigorous, Enriching Program
As the everyday use of images expands exponentially across digital media, our combined BA program in Media Arts and Culture responds by probing the ways in which we see and understand the world around us. Study how art, architecture, and media technologies intersect to shape our understanding of our local and global cultures in both historical and contemporary contexts.
The program provides first-hand experience in the conceptualization, curation, funding, and organization of exhibitions, events, and workshops and gives insight into existing art economies and models for new and expanded networks of cultural practice. It also enables avenues for graduate studies: art and architectural history, curatorial and museum studies, information science, and art conservation.
Admission Requirements
Minimum average of 75%. The OSS Diploma and six Grade 12 U or M courses, including ENG4U.
What You Will Take First Year
  • MACS-1500: Contemporary Visual Culture
  • VSAR-1050: Studio Practice and Ideas/Space
  • VSAR-1060: Studio Practice and Ideas/Image
  • VSAR-1070: Studio Practice and Ideas/Drawing
  • VSAR-1080: Studio Practice and Ideas/Time-Based
  • GART-1500: Effective Writing 1
  • GART-1510: Effective Writing 2
  • 2 Courses in Science or Social Science
Experiential Learning
The Media Arts and Culture program gives students a critical background in which to interpret and contextualize the historical legacies of art, media, technology, urban ecologies and the built environment and to apply their historical and theoretical knowledge to projects that investigate the complexity of contemporary culture. While the development of research and studio skills is essential within this program there is also a strong emphasis on first hand observation through the following:
  • urban field research, community and collaborative models
  • media literacy and digital skills
  • research-creation projects that emphasize the relationship between image, text and sound
In addition to the introductory courses in Visual Culture and Media Arts at the first and second year levels, students will take courses in the history of art, photography, architecture, and the urban environment. Specialized upper level seminars currently include: Contemporary Photography, Urban Ecologies, Detroit Architecture, and Border Cultures. Please see our calendar for more information on the range of courses available through this program.
Excellent Student Support
In addition to dedicated faculty who hold weekly and accessible office hours, the University of Windsor Advising Centre is here to help you with such things as adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course, discussing problems that may be impacting your academic performance, reviewing your academic progress, changing or choosing your major, or referral to other relevant campus services.
Career Tracks
  • Arts administration
  • Education (with additional studies)
  • Graduate studies in studio or academic programs
  • Graduate curatorial and museum studies
  • Gallery and museum administration
  • Cultural journalism and criticism
  • Project management
  • Art historian/researcher (with additional studies)
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