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Financial Aid Steps

1. Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

             New Students:

                 a) Automatic grades-based entrance scholarships are offered to students entering directly from full-time secondary school, to transfer

                      and international students.

     b) To be eligible for other entrance scholarships, awards or bursaries at the university, students must complete an online application

          and provide supporting documentation, if required.

             Continuing Students:

             Students may be eligible for scholarship or bursary assistance if they complete an online application and provide supporting documentation,

             if required.

      In-Course Bursary and Donor Sponsored Award Applications

      Opens:  Middle of August  

      Earliest Deadline to apply:  September 30 for Law students and October 15 for all other students

      For need-based bursaries students must have at least $1 of need as determined in their government financial aid application.

                      October 31 – UwinAward Application deadlines for many need-based awards. Instructions on completing profile found here


Steps 2 – 4:

2. IGNITE: Work Study program funds part-time jobs on campus for students.

3. The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), offered by the Government of Ontario to Ontario residents, provides financial assistance to students to help them attend university.  Funding is based upon financial need, not grades.  With one application, students will be considered for non-repayable grants, as well as an OSAP loan.  This application usually becomes available in early spring.  Students from other Canadian provinces can apply directly to their province or territory for financial aid and US students can apply for US federal student aid

4.  External Scholarship Opportunities

  4. Community Agencies/ Clubs
  5. Parent’s employer

Ontario Students
International Students
Ignite (Work Study)
Out of Province Students
US Students
Scholarships & Bursaries