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Prerequisites - AQ/ABQ/PQP

General Requirements

Review the general requirements and prerequisites specific to the course you are interested in taking prior to registering.

If a candidate registers for a course and then realizes that they are not qualified — they will still be subject to the $100 non-refundable administration fee.

All candidates enrolling in AQ courses must be qualified for admission according to Regulation 184-97 of the Ontario College of Teacher's Act.

In order to be recommended for certification upon completion of a course, candidates must first meet the following basic requirements:

Ontario B.Ed students may take courses prior to membership with OCT if they have met all the requirements to graduate and if they have applied to the OCT for a Certificate of Qualification.

It is the responsibility B.Ed. students to ensure that they become members in good standing with OCT before we can make the recommendation for the course taken. Students should have this standing after they have received their Bachelor of Education degree.  

Some courses have specific pre-requisites depending on which course you are taking. Refer to the individual course page for full information.