Faculty and Staff


Dr. Linda Patrick Dr. Linda Patrick, RN, BScN, MA, MSc, PhD
  Dean and Associate Professor
  Research Focus:
  • Maternal/Child,
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes in women with previous gestational diabetes,
  • Chronic disease management and improving health outcomes for women at risk for Type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes,
  • Pre-conceptual health promotion,
  • Transition to professional practice issues

  Room 336 Toldo HEC
  519.253.3000, x2403

Dr. Susan Fox
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Research Focus:
  • Healthcare associated infections and infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular health

Room 300 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2284

Prof. Judy Bornais

Prof. Judy Bornais
Academic Ancillary Staff III - Experiential Learning Specialist
Teaching Leadership Chair
Research Focus:

  • Diabetes care,
  • simulation in health care education, and
  • inter-professional health care

Room 3126 Medical Education Building
519.253.3000, x2269

Dr. Jamie Crawley Dr. Jamie Crawley
 RN, BScN, BA (Psychology), BA (Sociology), MBA, PhD
 Associate Professor 
 Research Focus:
  • Poverty and health disparities, 
  • chronic illness and
  • teen sibling health

 Room 319 Toldo HEC
 519.253.3000, x4816

Dayusphoto Dr. Deborah Dayus
RN, BScN, BA, MSc, PhD
Academic Ancillary Staff II - Clinical Practice Learning Specialist: Years 1 & 3 Clinical
Research Focus:
  • Women's health,
  • Maternal/child health (infertility; emotional health)
  • Community health
  • Incivility in Nursing Education

 Room 320 Toldo HEC
 519.253.3000, x3770

Dr. Lorna DeWitt Dr. Lorna De Witt
Associate Professor
Research Focus:
  • Aging and family issues related to living alone and
  • dementia

    Room 324 Toldo HEC
    519.253.3000, x2286

Dr. Kathryn Edmunds
Assistant Professor
Research Focus:

  • Migration and health of temporary foreign workers
  • Culture, diversity and cultural safety
  • Community health

Room 318 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4383

Dr. Maher El-Masri Dr. Maher El-Masri
Professor & Nursing Research Chair
Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
Research Focus:
  • Infection Control and
  • Chronic Illness

Room 302 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2400

Prof. Michelle Freeman

Dr. Michelle Freeman
Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Research Focus:

  • Care of older adults (geriatrics and gerontology) and geriatric syndromes (falls, dementia),
  • patient safety culture of safety; nursing’s role in creating safe practice environments;
  • team work;
  • medication safety;
  • human factors, and
  • nursing leadership
Room 304 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4812
Prof. Laurie Freeman-Gibb

Dr. Laurie Freeman-Gibb
Assistant Professor and NP Program Coordinator
Research Focus:

  • Breast cancer (survivorship issues and decision making), and 
  • technology and teaching

Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2278

Prof. N. Giannotti photo

Prof. Natalie Giannotti
RN, BHK, MN, PhD (c)
Clinical Practice Facilitator - Year 2 Clinical/Lab and Year 4 Clinical
Research Focus:

  • Gestational diabetes, diabetes prevention, health promotion

Room 322 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4988

Dr. Cheri Hernandez

Dr. Cheri Hernandez 
RN, BScN, BA, MEd, PhD (Education), PhD (Nursing)
Associate Professor
Research Focus:

  • Theory of integration & interventions in diabetes,
  • grounded theory research, and instrument/scale development

Room 316 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2263

Dr. Debbie Kane

Dr. Debbie Kane
Associate Professor, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Research Focus:

  • Women's health, workplace
  • wellness, and public health
Room 301 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2268
Prof. Jason Kiernan

Prof. Jason Kiernan 
RN, BSN, MSN, PhD (in progress)
Research Focus:

  • Cancer and cancer prevention

Room 308 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4390

Heather Krohn photo

Dr. Heather Krohn, RN, BScN, MEd, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Community and global health,
  • cross-cultural healthcare

Room 326 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2275


Prof. Sherry Morrell
RN(EC), BScN, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate, International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Certificate (IIWCC), MN, MCISc (Wound Healing), PhD(s)
Lecturer and NP Program Administrator
Research Focus:

  • Wound healing- implementation of wound care education, process of designation in wound healing, moving wound care out of emergency departments into outpatient clinics

Room 3122 Medical Education Building
519.253.3000, x4389

Prof. Kathy Pfaff

Dr. Kathy Pfaff, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Focus:

  • Interprofessional Collaboration,
  • New Graduate Nurse Transition, 
  • Rural Community Health Care,
  • health care systems,
  • palliative care

Room 312 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4977

Dr. Dale Rajacich

Dr. Dale Rajacich, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD
Sabbatical July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017
Associate Professor
Research Focus:

  • Breast cancer and
  • international collaboration
Room 330 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2270
Prof. Debbie Rickeard

   Dr. Debbie Rickeard, RN, BScN, BA, MScN, DNP
   CCRN(c), CCN(c)
   Academic Ancillary Staff - Experiential Learning
   Room 3124 Medical Education Building
   519.253.3000, x4993

Dr. Christine Thrasher

Dr. Christine Thrasher, RN, BScN, BA,
MScN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Focus:

  • Interprofessional education & practice
  • knowledge translation, and
  • infection control

Room 306 Toldo HEC 
519.253.3000, x2266
Dr. Thrasher's website


Dr. Laurie Carty, RN, BScN, BA, MEd, PhD, carty@uwindsor.ca
Research focus: Mental health - individual and group counselling

Dr. Mary Louise Drake, mld@uwindsor.ca
Chairperson, Building Blocks for Better Babies

Prof. Anna Gupta, Director of the School of Nursing, 1970-1975

Prof. Patricia McKay, RN, BScN, MSc - pmckay@uwindsor.ca 

Dr. Sharon McMahon, mcmaho3@uwindsor.ca
Research Focus: Values clarification and moral decision-making, animal-assisted therapy and bereavement, and nursing history and the arts

Dr. Devamma Purushotham

Dr. Janet N. Rosenbaum, Director of the School of Nursing, 1981-1986

Dr. Barbara Thomas, Associate Vice President Academic, University of Windsor, 1991-1996, thomas9@uwindsor.ca

Dr. Karen Williamson, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD, karenw@uwindsor.ca
Research Focus: Cardiovascular nursing and intervention research

Prof. Lucia Yiu (Matuk), BSc, BScN, BA, MScN, lyiu@uwindsor.ca
Research Focus: Health promotion, breast health, multiculturalism


Prof. Mary Chick, RN, BScN, MSc
Sessional Lecturer
Room 313 HEC
519.253.3000, x2287

Prof. Mary Cole, RN, DPHN, BA, BScN, MSc
Sessional Lecturer
Room 315 HEC
519.253.3000, x2283


Ms Natalie Bownes
Clinical Coordinator
Room 201D Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4814

Ms Anne Dennahower
Nursing Programs & Student Support (Graduate) Secretary
Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2260

Ms Susan Dennison
Lab & Education Coordinator
Room 210 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2282

Ms Sheema Inayatulla
Assistant to the Dean
Room 332 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2281

Ms Pat McTaggart
Dean's Secretary
Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2259

Ms Fran Meloche 
Student Success Coordinator
Room 201B Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2274

Fran Meloche's work days:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Ms Angela Papas
Nursing Programs & Student Support (Undergraduate) Secretary
Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x6129

Ms Aimee Robertson
Room 336 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2265

Ms Dayna Rodrigues (August to June annually)
Nursing Clinical Therapist
Room 201A Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4388

Dayna Rodrigues' office hours:
August to June annually: Mondays to Thursdays  - 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Appointments with Dayna are made by contacting Student Counselling Centre - 519-253-3000, x4616 or scc@uwindsor.ca. Please see more info re making appointments.

Ms Susan Rotondi
Clinical Placement Secretary and Clinical Pre-Clearance contact
Room 201C Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4918



Contact information for Sessional Instructors:

Arsic, Judy    jarsic@uwindsor.ca
Awad, Cathy (Catherine)    catawad7@uwindsor.ca
Baxter, Susan  sbaxter@uwindsor.ca
Berecz, Allison   aberecz3@uwindsor.ca
Best, Pat  cardiac1@uwindsor.ca
Britenbaugh, Veronica  Veronica.Britenbaugh@uwindsor.ca
Britton, JoAnne  jbritton@uwindsor.ca
Brothers, Lourdes    lbroth@uwindsor.ca
Cameron, Margo    mcameron@uwindsor.ca
Campbell, Mark  mcampb@uwindsor.ca
Charron, Debra    debrac@uwindsor.ca
Colledge, Maureen  colledge@uwindsor.ca
Comisso, Louise   lcomisso@uwindsor.ca
Corby, Kathryn    corby1@uwindsor.ca
Dafesh, Andre     Andre.Dafesh@uwindsor.ca
Daniher, Lily   ldaniher@uwindsor.ca
Derbyshire-Green, Marlene    jbgreen@uwindsor.ca
Di Paolo, Vanessa   vdipaolo@uwindsor.ca
Dimitroff, Antoinette    dimitrof@uwindsor.ca
DiPonti, Sara  sdiponti@uwindsor.ca
Dobson, Kim    kdobson@uwindsor.ca
Ecclestone, Lacey    Lacey.Ecclestone@uwindsor.ca
Evans (Reaume), Shelley    sreaume4@uwindsor.ca
Fields, Patti   Patti.Fields@uwindsor.ca
Furmanek, Dawn   furmanek@uwindsor.ca
Galbraith (Szalkai), Leslie   Leslie.Galbraith@uwindsor.ca
Giannotti, Maria    Maria.Giannotti@uwindsor.ca
Green, Liz   lgreen@uwindsor.ca
Hamlin, Renee   Renee.Hamlin@uwindsor.ca
Holmes, Rachael    holmesra@uwindsor.ca
Hufano, Ruel   Ruel.Hufano@uwindsor.ca
Jacobs, Joanne     jjacobs@uwindsor.ca
Kopchek (White), Lauren    lwhite12@uwindsor.ca
Laing, Danielle     danlaing@uwindsor.ca
Lammers, Lindsay    llammers@uwindsor.ca
Lanoue, Lisa   llanoue@uwindsor.ca
Laplante, Kristen  laplante@uwindsor.ca
Lesny, Paul   Paul.Lesny@uwindsor.ca
Lopez, Sarah   slopez@uwindsor.ca
Manlongat, Donna  donnam@uwindsor.ca
Marar, Sandra    marar79@uwindsor.ca
Maxwell, Sandra    maxwells@uwindsor.ca
McAlpine, Kimberly    mcalpine@uwindsor.ca
McEwen, Amanda    amcewen@uwindsor.ca
McLaughlin, Brenda    bmcla@uwindsor.ca
McMahon, Kathleen    kmcmahon@uwindsor.ca
McMahon, Sarah    sarmc22@uwindsor.ca
Medved-Murtagh, Catherine    cmedved@uwindsor.ca
Morreau, Donna    dmorreau@uwindsor.ca
Morris, Meaghan  mmorriss@uwindsor.ca
Morris, Theresa    tmorris@uwindsor.ca
Oldfield, Peggy (Margaret) oldfield@uwindsor.ca
Paquette (Gignac), Cynthia    cynthiag@uwindsor.ca
Pekrul, Kerry    kpekrul@uwindsor.ca
Pittman, Gina    ginamp@uwindsor.ca
Plante, Pamela  pplante@uwindsor.ca
Potma, Jennifer    jpotma@uwindsor.ca
Rajaratnam, Jayne    jay73@uwindsor.ca
Reddam, Andrea   areddam@uwindsor.ca
Renault, Cynthia  Cindy.Renault@uwindsor.ca
Roberston Brown, Karen   krbrown@uwindsor.ca
Rousseau, Kathryn, kroussea@uwindsor.ca
Rowley, Filomena  frowley@uwindsor.ca
Ryan, Candace    cryan@uwindsor.ca
Seguin, Jacqueline (Jackie)   Jackie.Seguin@uwindsor.ca
Seguin, Tracey    tseg14@uwindsor.ca
Singh, Rajwant (Raj)    rsingh71@uwindsor.ca
St. Aubin, Lucia   staubin@uwindsor.ca
St. John, Don     Don.StJohn@uwindsor.ca
Strilchuck, Laura   laurastr@uwindsor.ca
Sutton, Marilyn  sutton71@uwindsor.ca
Sweet, Heather    hsweet73@uwindsor.ca
Tebbens, Jennifer    Jennifer.Tebbens@uwindsor.ca
Teves, Dianne   Dianne.Teves@uwindsor.ca
Thorpe, Sharon   sharont@uwindsor.ca
Trkulja, Jennifer   jtrkulja@uwindsor.ca
Trubyk, Sandra (Sandy)   strubyk@uwindsor.ca
Turner, Gillian   gturne81@uwindsor.ca
Walsh, Virginia  walsh552@uwindsor.ca
Watson, Josie    jwatson@uwindsor.ca
Weller, Melissa   wellerme@uwindsor.ca
Wellington, Chris   cmwell@uwindsor.ca
Willson, Kayla   Kayla.Willson@uwindsor.ca
Zakaria, Josie   jzakaria@uwindsor.ca


Ms Grace Bradish - Assistant Professor
Dr. Sharon Burey - Assistant Professor
Mr. Mark Campbell - Lecturer - mcampb@uwindsor.ca
Dr. Mary Louise Drake - Associate Professor - mld@uwindsor.ca
Ms Jean Echlin - Associate Professor
Ms Eleanor Groh - Assistant Professor
Major Steven Pirie - Lecturer
Ms Karen Riddell - Lecturer
Ms Annette Scott - Lecturer
Dr. Patricia Sealy - Assistant Professor
Ms Neelu Sehgal - Lecturer
Ms Jane Simanovski - Lecturer - Jane.Simanovski@uwindsor.ca
Ms Virginia Walsh - Lecturer - walsh552@uwindsor.ca
Ms Donna Wellington - Lecturer
Dr. Karen Williamson - Assistant Professor - karenw@uwindsor.ca


Dr. Sheila Cameron (January 19, 2016), Director of the School of Nursing, 1986-1995 and Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, 1996-2005

Prof. Mathilde McGarvey (July 6, 2013), Retired Professor 

Dr. Anna Temple (August 10, 2012), Retired Professor and Former Director - details and tribute information

Dr. Donna M. Foley, RN, PhD
June 8, 1944 - April 13, 2006

Dr. Donna M. Foley, RN, PhD
On April 13, 2006, the Faculty of Nursing lost a trusted educator, scholar and mentor after a short battle with cancer. To read about Donna, go to the following links below.

Paula Margaret Heydon
April 21, 1952 - June 18, 2005
Lab Manager, Faculty of Nursing

Heydon, Paula Margaret (nee Hrecniuk) R.N.

Paula Margaret HeydonPeacefully at home surrounded by her family and friends on June 18, 2005 at 53 years of age after a brief but courageous battle with cancer. Beloved wife and best friend of Rick for 32 years. Loving mother of Trevor and wife Kelly. Dear daughter of the late Sam and Jennie Hrecniuk of Chatham. Daughter-in-law of Les and Sadie Heydon. Cherished sister of Sylvia and the late Gerry Bresnahan of Grosse Ile, MI, William and wife Donna Hrecniuk, David and wife Carole Hrecniuk of Chatham. Sister-in-law of Randy and wife Shelley Heydon, Cindy Anstett and friend Mark, Brian and wife Kim Heydon of Leamington. Many nieces and nephews also survive. Paula will be sadly missed by many friends and co-workers. Paula was a well respected professional in Windsor health care for many years. In lieu of flowers, donations to Hospice of Windsor or the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre would be appreciated by the family. Cremation Services were held. Memorial Visitation Wednesday 9 am until time of Memorial Service at 11 am. at St. Barnabas’ Church (2115 Chilver Rd.). Arrangements entrusted to Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre (969-5841) 3260 Dougall Ave. Rev. Lance Smith officiating Special thanks to John and Linda Grubisich, Dave and Joyce Blake, Henry and Helen Moro, Paul Popov and friend Diane, Sandy Dennison, everyone at the Windsor Regional Cancer Clinic, the VON and the Hospice of Windsor for their care and support.

P.Y. Abraham
Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Professor Abraham taught Leadership and Management, as well as community health nursing theory and clinical in year four. He coordinated the community program for many years and was well respected by the community partners. He was also active in promoting multi-culturalism in the Windsor-Essex County. He is fondly remembered as a good listener, humble, generous, and always supportive of new faculty members.

He was survived by his wife and two daughters.