Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention Office


The University of Windsor seeks to be a learning, living and working environment where all students, faculty and staff feel safe and respected. No one should be a victim of any forms of harassment, or be subjected to any unwanted actions, including illegal actions, that compromise safety, dignity, or human rights.

Sexual harassment and sexual violence are taken very seriously. On this web page we provide information about what someone can do if they are a victim of sexual assault, or a colleague or friend of someone who has been assaulted. We also summarize programs currently in place to provide education and training for the prevention of sexual assault. Among the programs designed to promote awareness and prevention is the Bystander Initiative, which offers training to students to help them learn how to identify and intervene in situations where sexual assault can occur. With respect to policies, the University’s current policies related to behavior and conduct, which can include sexual assault, are summarized. A stand-alone policy specifically focused on sexual assault is currently being developed.

It is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the University of Windsor being a place where harassment of any form is unequivocally discouraged. We will continue to engage students, faculty and staff in collective efforts to have a safe campus.

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Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor

Material excerpted from Ontario Women’s Directorate and Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (OWD/MTCU, 2013). Developing a response to sexual violence: A resource guide for Ontario’s colleges and universities. Toronto: Queen’s Printer for Ontario.