I'd like to discuss my options


Everyone at the University - including students, staff, faculty, and visitors - deserve to feel safe. If you have been harmed by someone in our campus community please reach out to us!

We will explain your options, what the reporting process involves, and give you the information you need to make a decision about what is right for you.

Contact us at svsupport@uwindsor.ca if you would like to discuss your options. You can talk to us confidentially without any obligation to file a report. 

I’d Like to Report to the University

If you would like to file an online report you may do so through the REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) online reporting tool. REES allows members of our campus community to Create a Record of the incident and choose from multiple reporting options: Anonymous Report, Connect to My Campus, or Repeat Perpetrator Identification (RPI). 

You can start your report at anytime and submit when you are ready. Take the time that you need. REES can be accessed online anywhere, anytime.

The REES Reporting Tool

About REES

REES Fast 5

1. What can I report to REES?

       REES can be used to report any unwanted sexualized behaviour (physical, verbal or online that happens within the campus community

2. Where can I access REES?

       Go to https://reescommunity.com/campus/ and select your campus from the drop-down list.

3. Who can see my Record?

         Your Record is encrypted and securely stored n REES. Only you can access it until you choose f and when to share it. Reporting is not mandatory. You can report today or save your Record and decide later.

4. What are the reporting options?

  • Allows you to document details about an incident of sexual harassment, misconduct or assault. All of the questions in the Record are optional, and you can leave questions blank or select “prefer not to answer.”
  • When Creating a Record, you can take your time. You can stop or take breaks and return to your Record at another time.
  • You can Create a Record without choosing a reporting option. Your Record will be securely stored until you are ready to report.
  • Records stored in REES cannot be accessed by REES or the University of Windsor. Only you can access your Record. 
  • Anonymous Report allows survivors to share information about an incident of sexual harassment, misconduct or assault without identifying themselves, or identifying the person who has harmed them.
  • Anonymous Reports will include only the multiple-choice questions and gender questions from your Record. Anonymous Report data will be provided by REES to the University of Windsor to measure the incidence and identify patterns of sexual violence on campus, with the goal of improving policy, supports or responses to sexual violence on campus.
  • Because an Anonymous Report does not include any identifying information about the persons involved, it cannot initiate an investigation, and the University of Windsor does not have the ability to follow up with you directly.
  • Connect to My Campus allows you to reach out to the University of Windsor’s Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance & Support. You can receive support, resources, and information, or discuss initiating an investigation.
  • You can choose to include your Record and/or Narrative when you Connect to My Campus.
  • There is no time limit to Connect to My Campus but there may be a time limit for formal complaints and investigation of an incident.
  • Repeat Perpetrator Identification (RPI) is a feature of REES that helps to identify a person whose behaviour has harmed multiple people.
  • You provide identifying information about the person that is stored in a database. If more than one survivor identifies the same person a match is made and the University of Windsor is notified.

5. Where do I find additional resources and supports in my community?

      Go to your campus’ REES platform and click “Access Support” for resources on campus and in your community. Go to https://reescommunity.com/resources for an interactive map of sexual assault services across Canada

If You Would Like to Report to the Windsor Police

At this time, you cannot report directly to police using REES. If you would like to report to police you may do so by using the Windsor Police online reporting portal. Even if you weren’t assaulted within the geographic region of Windsor, the Windsor Police can help connect you to the appropriate authorities. When you report online you can request to be contacted by someone who has specific training in sexual violence. 

If you would like help reporting to police our office can help with that process. We can discuss what it will involve and give you information that will help you make the right choice for you

Dr. Dusty Johnstone

To get support, access accomodations or learn about reporting, contact Dusty (She/Her):