Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

Let's Learn From Each Other!

We work with partners across campus to offer a diverse range of learning opportunities, including workshops, presentations, and guest lectures. Below is a list of our workshops and their descriptions. 

You can visit our Events page for a schedule of upcoming training. To inquire about booking a specific workshop please contact us

We know that most survivors will informally disclose their experiences to someone they trust, like a friend or colleague, before they ever seek formal help. We also know that many people on our campus care a great deal about survivors, but are unsure how to respond if someone discloses an experience of harm. This workshop will give you the tools to recognize when someone is disclosing, to respond with compassion and accurate information, and to refer to the appropriate resources. We will also discuss the reporting options and obligations under our Policy on Sexual Misconduct. 

This workshop varies in length. It was designed for students but can be adapted for other audiences. 

Have You Asked? - Sexual Consent Workshop

In this workshop we consider consent through the framework of sexual ethics. If you are wondering what exactly is sexual ethics… we’ll teach you! We center desire and consent, and we provide a map for you to think about your own sexual desires, as well as the desires and boundaries of those with whom you would like to have a sexual experience. 

This workshop varies in length. It was designed for students but can be adapted for other audiences. 

Queer Sex Ed 101

Queer Sex Ed 101 is an interactive workshop about safer sex that is delivered from a queer and trans perspective. We work from a foundation of consent and desire, but also invite participants to think about what sex actually is and how it can differ for different people. We talk about inclusive language and activities, and showcase a variety of safer sex materials including condoms, internal condoms, dental dams, and more.

This workshop is 80 minutes. 

Dating & Relationships in the Canadian Context

Dating & Relationships was developed in collaboration with the International Student Centre, to give students a picture of sex and dating norms in Canada. We talk about where to find people to date, how to ask someone out, sexual consent, language and terminology, and more! 

This workshop is 60-90 minutes

This workshop is about exploring our expectations for what is appropriate in the workplace - from general work environments to more specific ones. We discuss personal and professional boundaries and provide a framework for making decisions that are sensitive to context. We consider various kinds of boundaries, the function of boundaries, and what to do when boundaries are crossed. 

This workshop is 2 hours long. We developed this workshop for students in graduate school and professional programs, but it can be adapted for any audience. 

Guest Lectures

If you are interested in having someone from the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support visit your class to deliver a guest lecture, please contact us. We can work together to identify your learning objectives and develop content to meet the needs of your class.

Past guest lectures have included topics such as:

  • Trauma-informed lawyering in clinical practice

  • Trauma-informed practice in healthcare

  • Sexual violence, social justice, and social change

  • Sexual ethics and consent

  • #MeToo: Women’s Movements 

  • The role of rape myths in criminal law 

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Anne Rudzinski

For questions about our workshops and guest lectures, contact Anne (She/Her)