Student Problem Resolution Process

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What do you do if you have a concern regarding your financial aid?

  • OSAP uses standard assessment criteria in the assessment of OSAP eligibility.  There are certain student, spousal and parental situations that can be reviewed by the Student Awards and Financial Office on an exception basis. Please note that not all exceptions can be considered but to find out about the circumstances which can be considered, students can visit our OSAP Appeal Information page.
  • Go to: OSAP Appeal Information
  • Appeal/Review outlines are listed by category. Student must pay close attention to which student status the review applies to and the conditions which must exist for that appeal/review to be considered.  If a student determines that there is no standard appeal/review option that covers their situation, they should provide an initial letter to the attention of the Financial Aid Administrator outlining their situation or they can contact the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office to arrange for an appointment to discuss their situation. The student would then be provided instructions as to how they may go about having their situation reviewed if appropriate.

Eligibility for the above noted programs is based on a student’s OSAP eligibility.  If a student has been denied funding through the University of Windsor In-Course Bursary or the Work Study program, a student may appeal their denial by providing a letter of explanation/rationale as to any extenuating circumstances that they may have requiring a further review of their eligibility. Any requests for a further review should be accompanied by supporting documentation. A student’s cover letter must clearly identify the program that they are requesting a review of their eligibility for, must be clearly written, and must be signed by the student and dated.

Appeal Outline for In-Course Bursary or Work Study Denial

If a student has concerns regarding the level of service that have they received from any member of the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office staff, their concerns may be noted in writing and forwarded to the Director in the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office. A student’s letter of concern must contain the following information:

  • Date that the incident took place (and approximate time if possible);
  • Name of staff person (if known);
  • The situation that was being discussed or addressed by the student and staff;
  • The nature of the student concern;
  • Letter must be signed by the student and dated;
  • Appropriate return address in order to direct a response.

If a student does not wish to address their concern to the Director, Student Awards & Financial Aid, the student may direct their concern as outlined above to:

David Butcher
Executive Director, Budgets & Financial Services

Room 404 Chrysler Hall Tower

Ryan Flannagan
Associate Vice President, Office of Student Experience

Room 117 CAW Student Centre

A student may request a copy of information that they have provided contained within their OSAP, bursary or work study file, provided that there is no third party reference material. A student may also request any other documentation contained within their file that is specific to their dealings with the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office.  Requests must be made in writing, must be signed and dated by the student with the appropriate reference information.  If it is determined that the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office staff are unable to satisfy a student’s request for information, the student may contact the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Office:

Mr. Richard Taylor
Information and Privacy Coordinator

Room 1165 Chrysler Hall North

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