Acoustic Zoo: INTRO to Arduino

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 19:00

poster for Acoustic Zoo Intro to arduino workshop

Acoustic Zoo presents INTRO to Arduino
Thursday, November 5, 7pm
Lambton, Studio A

The Arduino is an inexpensive micro processor that is commonly used to connect sensors, LEDs and motors to a laptop, allowing for interactive installations, music, and multimedia artwork.

The Acoustic Zoo will be presenting a series of workshops over the coming months for people interested in learning how to use these devices. This first session will introduce the Arduino, the circuitry, and the software needed to create interactive art works, and will feature demonstrations of a few simple projects.

There is no cost for this workshop.

Dr Brent Lee in front of a computer talking into a microphonearduino and strip of LED lightsdetail of a strip of LED lights