Imogen Wilson Video Screening

Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 18:00

Imogen Wilson video still

Imogen Wilson Video Screening
November 17th, 7PM, Alan Wildeman Centre for Creative Arts
(Freedom Way Building), Room 107.

In Imogen Wilson’s new found footage video, an idiosyncratic gestation of a dirty tape, she is reinvestigating her personal relationships to media through an intuitive re-editing. Taking footage from both exploitation films which she watches ritualistically in her adulthood, and splicing them with childhood favourites like Hoppity Goes to Town, Heckle & Jeckle and Mr. Bumpy, she recognized the patterns in symbols, finding stereotypes which transverse decades and genres. Wilson uses the VCR and editing boards from the late 90s in order to speak to the nostalgic fetishization of degraded films. According to Wilson, the viewer is lulled into a position of safety by an image's partial disintegration. an idiosyncratic gestation of a dirty tape will never read the same way twice, each time the work is performed Wilson’s choices and how she is affected by the image will alter what films she rips, as well as time, shape and colour. This work speaks to the individual histories and relationships we foster with media images, and how those connections can be identity forming. 

Brent Lee