Noiseborder Festival 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018 to Friday, June 1, 2018

poster for Noiseborder Festival 2018

Noiseborder Festival 2018
May 14 - June 1, 2018
School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor

The Noiseborder Festival 2018 features two weeks of multimedia performances, interactive installations, improvisations, concerts and screenings. Visiting artists include Megumi Masaki, Sahlia Wong, and Chris Myhr.
All events are FREE admission. 

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Festival schedule: 

Justin James and Anthony Gomez workshop  
Ableton Live 10 | May 14 at 7:30pm, NMPL

Noiseborder Ensemble performance
Outer Drive & Epiphanies | May 15 at 6pm, NMPL

Kiki Athanassiadis and  Alex Curci workshop
Analog|Print|Data | May 16 at 6pm, NMPL

Sigi Torinus and Yiru Chen workshop
Projection Mapping | May 17 at 3pm, NMPL

Alex Curci workshop
Raspberry Pi Media Players | May 17 at 6pm, NMPL

José Seoane installation
Time Room | May 22-25, Opening May 22 at 6pm, SoCA Gallery

Sahlia Wong screening
Stable | May 23 at 6pm, NMPL

Noiseborder Ensemble performance
Haddingjar | May 25 at 6pm, NMPL

Sigi Torinus, Brent Lee, Meaghen Quinn performance/installation
X Vitro | May 28 at 6pm, NMPL

Luminous Flux I*  installation
May 29 at 6pm, SoCA Gallery

Kiki Athanassiadis, Yiru Chen, Adrienne Crossman, Alex Curci, Justin Elliott, Czarina Mendoza, Brodie MacPhail, April Morris, Paul Napigkit, Julian Pawlaczyk, Max Pecoraro, Dominic Pinney, Imogen Wilson, Logan Wood, Jude Abu Zaineh, Madison Espie

David Bergeron, Martin Schiller, Brent Lee performance
No Net Techno 2 | May 29 at  7:30pm , NMPL

Sonic Arts student concert
May 30 at 6pm, NMPL

David Bergeron and Imogen Wilson performance
Virtual Mentality | May 30 at 7:30pm, NMPL

Noiseborder Ensemble w/ Chris Myhr performance
60 Cycle Hum | May 31 at 6pm, NMPL

Chris McNamara and Nicholas Papador performance
Process of Elimination/Crooked Beat | May 31 at 7:30pm, NMPL

Chris Myhr installation
Fathoms | June 1 at 6pm, NMPL


NMPL: Room 107 in the SoCA Freedom Way building, 360 Freedom Way, Windsor, ON
SoCA Gallery: SoCA Armouries building, 37 University Ave, Windsor, ON


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