images from various NMPL projects

The Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab (NMPL) is home to several ongoing research projects, improv and performance ensembles, a multi-disciplinary performance series, and a two-week multimedia festival.

Noiseborder Ensemble
The Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab is home to the Noiseborder Ensemble. The Noiseborder Ensemble (NBE) creates and performs multimedia works featuring a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as live processing and mixing of sound and video. more about the Noiseborder Ensemble

Electric Improv Lab
The NMPL is also home to the Electric Improv Lab (EIL). The Electric Improv Lab was founded in 2003 to explore the musical possibilities of free improvisation within an electroacoustic focus. more about the Electric Improv Lab

Initiated in 2006, in/fuse is a series of multi- and inter-disciplinary performance events at the University of Windsor featuring faculty, students, and guest artists. more about in/fuse

Noiseborder Festival
The Noiseborder Festival features 2 weeks of multimedia performances, interactive installations, improvisations, concerts and screenings. more about the Noiseborder Festival

Homstal is an ongoing project that integrates saxophone improvisation, composition, electronica, and video. more about Homstal

The AUTO|GENIA (A|G) project resides at the rich intersection of installation art and interactive musical performance. more about AUTO|GENIA