INTRO to Arduino III

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 19:00

poster for arduino workshop

Acoustic Zoo presents INTRO to Arduino III
On the Radar: Measuring distance with Arduino

7-10PM in Lambton Studio A. Led by Nik Steel.
FREE Admission
Arduino kits will be available for 20$

Learn how to use this open-source electronic prototyping platform 
to control LED lights and other electronic devices.

Please join us for part two of our exciting series about the Arduino micro-controller. This time, we will connect ultrasonic distance sensors to an Arduino and use the measurements from the sensors to control sound and video in MAX / MSP. The activity is FREE to attend.

If you attended the previous Intro to Arduino workshop, please bring your complete Arduino kit and a laptop because you will be needing both for this activity.

Did you miss the Intro to Arduino workshop?  No worries!  We have extra kits that will be available for purchase at this event.  If you would like to purchase a kit, the cost for a kit is $20.

Kit includes:            
1 x Arduino Uno        
1 x USB cable
60 x LEDs
1 x solderless breadboard
20 x jumper wires
15 x 1K Ohm resistors 
15 x 10K Ohm resistors 
15 x 100 Ohm resistors
15 x 330 Ohm resistors
2 x push buttons
2 x light sensors

arduino and LED lights