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The UWindsor Alumni Association offers a variety of Canadian-made frame styles for purchase. Each with a gold embossed mat to display your diploma with pride.Diploma frame with 8x10

Showcase your University of Windsor diploma with a high-quality, Canadian-made frame. There are six distinctive frame styles to choose from that include an acid-free mat with the words "University of Windsor" embossed in gold. Each frame includes do-it-yourself instructions for framing your diploma at home.

Enter for your chance to win a FREE diploma frame and 8"x10" portrait frame

Beat the fall rush and purchase a diploma frame before Monday, October 9 to be entered into a draw to win your purchase and an 8"x10" portrait frame. The winner will receive a refund on their diploma frame purchase and a complimentary 8" x 10" portrait frame, inclusive of shipping. The winner will be announced on October 11. 

Standard Frame:

Standard frames accommodate 8.5" x 12" diplomas. This includes ALL undergraduate diplomas as well as Master and PhD diplomas from June 2009 to date. 

Oversized Frame:

Oversized frames accomodate 11" x 15.5" diplomas. This size is required for Faculty of Law diplomas. It is also required for Masters, PhD, and Law diplomas received prior to June 2009. If in doubt, contact the Alumni Relations Office - alumni@uwindsor.ca

Frame Styles


Bostonian - $100
Mahgony-colour hardwood, double blue/gold mat

BriarwoodBriarwood - $110
Dark red-brown colour hardwood, double blue/gold mat

RideauRideau - $125
Espresso-colour hardwood, double blue/gold mat

Diplomat Homestead - $125
Black hardwood, double blue/gold mat


Diplomat - $165
Mahogany-colour hardwood, triple blue/gold mat

By Mail Order Only


Metal - $55
Brushed gold, single blue mat

Classic Wood

Classic Wood - $80
Walnut-colour hardwood, double blue/gold mat




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