Students outside Dillon Hall

Welcome to Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

If you are considering the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Windsor you are in good company. This program is nearly two decades old and graduates are making us proud. They have charted successful professional lives, making contributions in fields as diverse as art conservation, medicine, politics and environmental science. Our alumni profile page will give you an idea of the kinds of working lives a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science can prepare you for.

If you are talented in math and sciences as well as the arts, humanities and social sciences you should consider our well regarded program. In our core classes with some of the smallest student professor ratios on campus, you will study alongside ambitious curious peers who will encourage you to be best. In addition, our students are also welcomed members of larger learning communities in the disciplines they choose to be their majors and minors, and take most of their classes directly from the professors of those disciplines. Take a look at the course requirements page to learn more about how to complete a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. 

We think our best ambassadors are our students themselves. Two students leaders talk about their experiences in the program.