BASA logo, pictures of BASA council members and events

BASA: Bachelor of Arts and Science Association

The Bachelor of Arts and Science Association (BASA) is a student group that represents undergraduate students in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program at Uwindsor. It is a club for BIAS students led by BIAS students!

The association brings BIAS students together to fundraise for local charities, advocate for the BIAS program, and host social events where students in the program can get to know one another. Joining the association is a great way to get involved with the BIAS program, develop valuable leadership skills, and meet fellow BIAS students! 

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Interested in joining BASA? Every BIAS student has the opportunity to campaign for a council position each year. New members are voted in by the BIAS student body. BIAS students can apply for one of the following BASA council positions during elections:

Executive Positions:

  • President (or Co-Presidents)
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Vice President(s) of Social and Community Affairs 
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Vice President of Finance

Representative Positions:

  • First Year Representative(s)
  • Second Year Representative(s)
  • Third Year Representative(s)
  • Fourth Year Representative(s)


Artsci students at the 2022 BASA Halloween Social

Artsci Students at the 2022 BASA Halloween Social