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What is an Interdisciplinary Arts & Science degree?

Many people wonder: What is the difference between a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science (BIAS) degree and other programs on campus? 
Individualized Degrees

A BIAS degree allows students to customize their degree to their interests in nearly any field from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Whether it be a degree combining environmental science and film, biology and psychology, or chemistry and visual arts (just to name a few options), each BIAS student selects a degree plan that concentrates on their personal interests and career goals while increasing their abilities and professional breadth. The BIAS program encourages the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills by prompting students to examine issues from different disciplinary perspectives.


Students complete a research project in their final year of the BIAS program. The project can focus on any topic of interest, including but not limited to those related to a student’s major concentration. The research project allows students to work with a faculty supervisor to explore their chosen topic, providing them with a capstone research experience that will strengthen graduate applications and prepare students for future endeavours. 

Small Program Size

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science is also a specialized program geared towards high-achieving students with an entrance average of at least 80%, but don’t let that scare you! The smaller program size enables students to receive support from their peers and to form personal connections with their professors and faculty members that they might not be able to in larger programs.

Transferable Skills 

Employers everywhere seek graduates who can think analytically and creatively and conduct independent research; who have familiarity with the world of science and technology; can communicate effectively; and who are broadly educated. Thus, many more doors will be open to BIAS graduates than to those who have a narrower degree. BIAS graduates will also be more readily prepared to adapt and contribute to the ever-changing demands of professional life. The BIAS program gives you the preparation you will need to thrive in tomorrow's work environment.

Diverse Post-graduate and Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program excel in their areas of specialization and have wide-ranging career aspirations. Many of our alumni pursue post-graduate degrees in medicine or law, or MAs or PhDs. Some have gone on to use their BIAS degree to attain other interdisciplinary degrees such as Cognitive Science, Art Restoration, and Environmental Sustainability. Our graduates have found employment in a broad range of industries such as law, medicine, environmental science, government, and education.