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Artsci Student Experience

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program is unique in that no two students in the program are studying the exact same degree. The opportunity to tailor a degree to your interests means that each Artsci student's time at the university looks different and they have different experiences. 

The Humans of Artsci Instagram initiative was created as a way to connect with students in the program, learn about their experiences, why they chose Artsci, and what advice they might have for future Artsci students. 

Those interested in seeing more Artsci student experiences can check out the collection of Humans of Artsci posts and story highlights on the Artsci Instagram page: @basa.uwindsor

Humans of Artsci

Teodora Secara

Teodora Secara | biochemistry major, psychology minor

Hello! My name is Teo. Entering university, I had just completed high school in a program that already emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary inquiry. I really wanted to continue on the same path and further develop as a truly integrative thinker. I knew I wanted to continue developing my knowledge and learning about relevant global issues, without being limited to a single discipline. When a friend told me about the Arts and Science program, it was the obvious choice for me. If I could go back in time, I would choose this program every single time. After graduation, I’m planning on doing brain imaging research at UofT in a program that recognizes and prefers students with an arts and science background!

Definitely one of my favourite parts of being in ArtSci was taking core courses only offered for our program. It was during these small classes that I got to know other students in ArtSci and grow with them throughout undergrad. The sense of community and the support that you get in this program is unprecedented – both from students and professors. 

Finally, my one piece of advice would be to do things that make you uncomfortable. Push yourself. These next 4 years are going to be a critical period of development and growth. Make new connections, meet new people and embrace new experiences. The relationships you form with new peers and professors will only enhance your experience and help you better understand yourself, your goals and your future aspirations. As always, wishing you the very best and good luck ❤

Nolan LachanceNolan Lachance | biology major, French studies minor

Hey everyone! My name is Nolan. When looking at potential post-secondary options, I found myself struggling to decipher between two of my strongest passions. These were conservation biology, as well as communication and literature. Being that I came from a French-speaking high school, I wanted to find an opportunity that would allow me to continue my studies in French, while still taking into account my ideologies on the natural world. ArtSci gave me that opportunity. The core courses really allow you to immerse yourself in such a variety of backgrounds that really helped me grow as an individual. They opened my eyes to new viewpoints and ideologies which no other program could ever achieve. 

My favourite part of my ArtSci experience to date would have to be the personal connections that I have made with my fellow ArtSci students. Being that class sizes for the program are so small, I was able to foster personal connections with every single one of my classmates, as well as the professors. Core courses really emphasize open ended discussions and allow you and your fellow classmates to lead the conversation and take it to wherever it might lead. I really appreciate this flexibility in the core courses as it allows for every individual's personality to shine. 

My advice for any incoming students to the program would be to never take no for an answer. Dedication and perseverance will get you very far in all aspects of life, including your university experience. It’s important to use those fostered connections with your classmates and professors to further yourself in your individual growth, as well as to reach your future goals. The road of opportunity is endless in a program like ArtSci. What you put into your university experience is what you will take away from it, so never settle and always strive for better.