Students working in a lab


Students complete a research project in their final year of the BIAS program. The project can focus on any topic of interest, including but not limited to those related to a student’s major concentration. Students are encouraged to select a project that is relevant to their post-university goals - it should be something that can be talked about in graduate school applications and/or job interviews. 

For their research project, a student must connect with a suitable faculty advisor and enroll in a 6.00 credit, two-semester research course. During the two semesters, a BIAS student will engage in data collection and data analysis, then compile their methodologies and findings into a final paper. Students will then present their research in a public setting. 

The research project allows students to work with a faculty supervisor to explore a chosen topic, providing a capstone research experience that will strengthen graduate applications and prepare students for their future endeavours. 

Note: Students should consult with the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program chair when registering for their chosen research project course.