About us

About Us

The Campus Community Garden (CCG), formerly known as the Campus Community Garden Project (CCGP) is a volunteer based project. It was originally led by its founder and spokesperson Rita Haase.

The garden is a space for students, faculty, staff  and community to engage in local, sustainable food production, education and community building.  The garden boasts several styles of gardening ranging from vegetable gardens; independence rows, based on French intensive market gardening; permaculture food forest, Keyhole garden, Herb Spiral and a meadow oasis.  The CCG is guided by permaculture principles to be an inclusive space to all member of the university campus and local community. Not only is the garden a space to promote healthy produce while supporting pollinators, but it is a place to promote a sense of community. Connecting people and connecting ecology are essential in plant growth and promoting an inclusive and supportive environments.

The CCG is committed to supporting the larger community by providing a space for everyone, including the beginner gardener to individuals with a wealth of gardening experience. In addition to space, the CCG provides local produce to organizations that can distribute this nutritious food to individuals that do not normally have access.