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Our Management Team

Tanya Basok is a CCG co-coordinator, and Professor  of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. She teaches a course on Food and Global  Sustainability. Some of her students have completed a placement at the CCG and found it to be a life-changing experience.  She believes that community gardening, based on the principles of permaculture, provides a viable alternative to the  industrial food system. She also views it as an important community building tool and a way to reduce food insecurity in  Windsor. She would like to encourage members of the university community to become more involved with the garden. Tanya may be reached at

Jenna O'Brien is a CCG-coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of Windsor. 

Chris Reid is an original member of the team which developed the CCG. He has been an active organic gardener since the 1970`s and has helped to implement the permaculture approach within the CCGP. He works as a field learning specialist at the school of social work and is a liaison with the First Nations community. In addition to the gardens contribution to food security, Chris appreciates and promotes the community engagement and development aspect of the community garden: ``The garden provides a space on campus where students, faculty and community members can get to know each other while appreciating a naturalized setting. Chris may be reached at

Steve Daigle is one of the original garden managers from 2010 and currently coordinates the assignments of individual garden plots. He is retired from the University. "I remember planting my first seed with my grandfather in England about a hundred years ago." Steve is also involved in the heavy construction work around the garden. He loves to make black currant jam from berries he grows in the garden. Steve may be reached at 

Jennifer Soutter is one of the CCG's masterminds and original gardeners  She is a Librarian at the University of Windsor’s Leddy Library. An enthusiastic but sloppy gardener, she maintains the Stewart Moore Carolinian Garden on behalf of Mrs. Moore. Jennifer may be contacted at

Rebecca Shearon is a graduate student in the Department of Earth Science, University of Windsor. 

Isaac Tomlinson is a University of Windsor alum. He has a degree in Environmental Studies, and he is an avid gardener. 

Michael Sims is a Graduate of the University of Windsor, holding an honours double major in Psychology and Criminology. An aspiring life-long gardener, he hopes to share his passion with as many lives as he can.

Austin Roth is the Student Advocate for the Graduate Student Society and has been a member of the Lancer Family since 2009. He has an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics majoring in Sports Management and has completed his masters degree in Human Kinetics as well. He grew up on his family's country property in Delaware before coming to UWindsor and has a passion for helping things grow.