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How Far Will Your Wage Subsidy Go? Ignite Hourly Estimate Calculations

Ignite Wage Subsidy Funding Details

Congratulations on being approved for Ignite funding! Student wages will be paid from the departmental budget and will be reimbursed a wage subsidy of up to $2000 for a two-term (Fall & Winter) position, or $1,000 for a one term (Fall, Winter or Summer) position. Review your approval email to confirm what term(s) and position(s) you were approved for. The reimbursement will occur after the cycle is complete, based on actual expenditures and before the year end closes.

You can set your own wages, but all positions must pay at least minimum wage. Below are approximate calculations of how many hours a student can work per term, depending on the wage you choose to pay them.

Estimated Number of Hours Covered by the Subsidy**

The amounts below represent a conservative estimate of how many hours $1,000 will cover and includes approximate costs associated with EI, CPP, EHT and WSIB to minimize affect on departmental budget.

  • If you pay $15.00/hr, you can expect to cover 59 hours of work per term
  • If you pay $16.00/hr, you can expect to cover 55 hours of work per term
  • If you pay $17.00/hr, you can expect to cover 52 hours of work per term
  • If you pay $18.00/hr, you can expect to cover 49 hours of work per term

** Please note:

  • At any time, if you would like an update on your students payroll details, please send ignite@uwindsor.ca, please submit a request and we will provide you with information from the most recent payroll report. 
  • All calcuations are estimates only. Any hours worked or wages paid in excess of the wage subsidy funding will be the responsibility of your department.
  • If you were funded for $2,000 for a two-term position, you do not have to keep the hours balanced between the two terms -- you will be reimbursed for the total amount you spend in both terms up to a maxiumum of $2,000.
  • If your departmental budget allows, you may choose to have the student work more than the subsidy covers. If you spend more than you were subsidized for, you will be reimbursed for the $1,000 or $2,000 you were allocated and the rest of the the related expense will remain the responsibility of your department. 
  • The above calculations assume the student will earn a total of 1-2 hours of holiday pay for the public holidays in each term (example: Thanksgiving, Good Friday ect.). Actual hours of holiday pay may vary and are calculated using an average.