Biological Safety Permit

Application, Renewal, and Amendment of Biosafety Certificate - Research Safety Committee


To ensure compliance with the Biosafety Handbook, 2nd Edition and the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions between the University of Windsor and Tri-Council and/or other granting agencies. A valid Biosafety Certificate form is required for all research projects involving the use of infectious or biological agents by the Research Safety Committee.

To apply for a new biological safety certificate, or renew or amend  biological safety certificate, login at:


Biological Inventory

Please keep an updated biological inventory. This will be checked upon regular biosafety inspection. A Biological Inventory List Sheet (.xls) can be used if you do not have an inventory. More information on inventories can be found in the CBS Handbook.

Guidance Documents:

  • The Designated Officer Responsible for Biological Safety (Team Leader - Chemical Control Centre) will perform an initial review with the Principal Investigator then forward the application to other members of the Biological Safety Committee along with his/her recommendation.
  • The Research Safety Committee will review the application for approval. The PI and any co-applicants will be notified of the decision (interim or final approval) by email.
  • The original copy of the Biosafety Certificate (Research) will remain with the Chemical Control Centre. A copy of the Biosafety Certificate will be sent via inter-office mail to the Principle Investigator (PI).
  • The University of Windsor’s Certification Management System (eRSO) will be updated to reflect the issuance of the certificate; thereby, notifying the Office of Research Services. If any funding has been placed on hold, the Chemical Control Centre will notify Research Services, by email, of the issuance of the certificate (PI cc’d).

Note: Most registrations can be completed in 10-15 working days. PIs will be informed of any delays beyond that time.

Conditions of Approval

Approval for the application of Biosafety Certificates is limited to those materials, personnel, and facilities specifically stated in the application. The certificate is valid only until the expiration date noted on the document. In addition, members of the Research Safety Committee may visit the laboratories used by the PI in order to monitor adherence to approved protocols. 

  1. Renewal 
    Renewal of Biosafety Certificate should be submitted to the Research Safety Committee for approval 2 months prior to the expiration date. Researchers shall notify the Research Safety Committee when projects are completed. 
  2. Cancellation 
    If a research project is to be terminated it is the responsibility of the PI to inform the Research Safety Committee immediately. The approved Biosafety Certificate will then be cancelled. 
  3. Changes 
    Any modifications to an approved protocol and in particular changes in personnel or facilities as well as any significant modifications to methods or biological materials used must be reported to the Designated Officer Responsible for Biological Safety (Chemical Control Centre). This information may then be forwarded to the Research Safety Committee for further review. 

Suspension and/or Revocation of Approved Certificates

The Research Safety Committee reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke approved Biosafety Certificates should the PI be found engaging in activities not specified in or contrary to the approved protocol. All such activities relating to the research will be suspended as will access to research funds until such further notice. 

Contact the Chemical Control Centre

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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