Past Teaching Leadership Chairs

Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair - 2021-2023

Andrew AllenAndrew Allen, Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair
The Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair provided support for necessary systemic change to improve the overall student academic experience at the University of Windsor.
Room 3331, Faculty of Education
Ext: 3829

Teaching Leadership Chairs - 2014-2020

The inaugural cohort of University of Windsor Teaching Leadership Chairs served from 2014 until 2020 (see the current Teaching Leadership Chairs). The Chairs are full-time faculty members who, for a three-year period, will focus a portion of their considerable energies on leading and supporting teaching and curricular initiatives in their faculties and across campus. Teaching Leadership Chairs are awarded to mid-career and senior faculty members with strong track records as innovative leaders in teaching and learning at the post-secondary level. We look forward to the contributions they will make to our campus community.

Donna Marie-Eansor
Donna-Marie Eansor,
Faculty of Law
Chair, Council of
Teaching Leadership Chairs
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen,
Faculty of Education
Dave Andrews
Dave Andrews,
Faculty of Human Kinetics
Judy Bornais
Judy Bornais,
Faculty of Nursing
Ken Cramer
Ken Cramer,
Department of Psychology
Maureen Gowing
Maureen Gowing,
Odette School of Business
Chitra Rangan
Chitra Rangan,
Department of Physics Department of Physics
Zbigniew Pasek
Zbigniew Pasek,
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering