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Teaching Awards

Developing teaching award nominations is an important way to ensure that excellent teaching gets the recognition it deserves. But it’s also an intensive professional development opportunity for the faculty members and nominating team involved, crystallizing a narrative of teaching identity that can act as a transformative catalyst through which exceptional teachers re-envision their roles and spheres of influence within the Academy. It's a process of discernment that gets at the true value of teaching, at the individual and the institutional level.

In Canada, teaching awards are available at three levels: localprovincial, and national.

At the 2014 STLHE conference, Jessica Raffoul, Beverley Hamilton and Judy Bornais presented From Teacher to Leader: The Why and How of Teaching Award Nominations. Participants explored the impact and value of collaboratively documenting their lives in teaching, as well as of the impact of public recognition on those lives. They also lead participants through the processes of: 

  • choosing the right award and understanding its basic requirements;
  • identifying teaching strengths and working with them; and
  • helping people write about teaching, whether they’re letter writers, nominees, or nominators.

Download the handout from the session.

For more information about the roles the CTL can play in assisting you to develop an external teaching award nomination, contact Jessica Raffoul by email at or by phone at 519-253-3000, ext. 4829