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Nanadagikenim Grant Recipients

The CTL is proud to announce that nine proposals for the Nanadagikenim - Seek to Know Grant have been approved for funding. The grant was established based on the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). The TRC identify responsibilities for those at all levels of government, along with those allies who can effect change in specific sectors. In keeping with these responsibilities leaders of Canadian universities committed to a set of principles developed in close consultation with Indigenous communities. Click on "abstract" to read more about the proposals:

Sense of place & exploring perspectives: The role of art in growing the traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and the environment field course experience
Catherine Febria, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research; Jennifer Willet, School of Creative Arts; and Clint Jacobs, TEK Course Instructor.

Increasing awareness of Indigenous approaches to psychological research
Catherine Kwantes and Onawa Labelle, Department of Psychology

Indigenizing curricula and services in the Faculty of Human Kinetics
Victoria Paraschak, Patricia Millar, and Krista Loughead, Department of Kinesiology; and Sandra Ondracka, Athletics and Recreational Services

Indigenization of cancer education
Lisa Porter and Dora Cavallo-Medved, Department of Health & Biomedical Sciences; Heather Krohn, Faculty of Nursing; and Audrey Logan, Windsor Regional Hospital

Navigating images in Indigenous art, visual culture and media studies
Lee Rodney, Karen Engle, Michael Darroch, Nick Hector, and Catherine Heard, School of Creative Arts

Pathways for Indigenous students from secondary to Odette's BComm programs - Consultation and transformation
Maureen Sterling, Russell Evans, Mohammed Baki, and Kerry-Ann Gray, Odette School Of Business; and Kathryn Pasquach, Aboriginal Education Centre - Turtle Island

Nanadagikenim: Incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing (IWK) and pedagogy into the postsecondary learning environment
Cynthia Stirbys, School of Social Work; and Lindsey Jaber, Faculty of Education

Gikinoo'amaadiwag  (They teach each other)  - Cross-Cultural Instructional Skills Workshop (GCCISW)
Lorna (Lorie) Stolarchuk, Centre for Teaching and Learning; Jennifer Soutter, Leddy Library, Jacqueline Stagner, Faculty of Engineering; and Jen Ward, University of Alberta

The Indigenous Legal Orders Institute Indigenous Summer Pre-law Program
Valarie Waboose, Beverly Jacobs, Sylvia McAdams, and Anneke Smit, Faculty of Law; and Elder Myrna Kicknosway