HyFlex Classroom

HyFlex Teaching and Learning Grants

Please note updates to the Call.

Thank you for adopting HyFlex teaching for Fall 2021 Return to Campus. To help support teaching and student learning in this new model, HyFlex instructors (i.e., those listed as teaching HyFlex courses in the Fall 2021 timetable*) during the Fall 2021 semester will receive a one-time, $2,500 grant to be used in support of their research and/or professional development. This initiative is funded by the Office of the President as part of the University of Windsor's Return to Campus plan to enhance the teaching and learning experience for instructors and students following the COVID pandemic.


Each instructor teaching at least one HyFlex course during Fall 2021 will be provided with $2,500. These one-time funds will be transferred to a Departmental account from which instructors may withdraw for professional development, projects, and/or research.  

To access your funds, please contact your Head or Dean.  

Supported Activities

Supported activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending and/or participating in professional development courses/conferences
  • Developing material or resources to support HyFlex teaching
  • Purchasing equipment or software
  • Developing resources to help other instructors (for example, sharing lessons learned)
  • Hiring a research assistant

Spending must be consistent with University policy (e.g., hospitality). 

(Please consider whether research ethics clearance is needed if you are considering using these funds in support of research activities. For more information, please contact the Office of the Research Ethics Board at ex. 3948, or via email at ethics@uwindsor.ca.)


Funds will typically be spent within 12 months, with a maximum three-year duration.


Recipients will be asked to complete a small narrative and participate in either a focus group or semi-structured interview to share the experience with other colleagues, in hopes of establishing promising practices for the adoption of Hyflex course delivery across campus in future semesters. 

The narrative will address the following:

  • What were the positive aspects of HyFlex teaching for you as a professor, and for your students?
  • What were the challenges of HyFlex teaching for you and your students?
  • What would you keep the same, change, or not do again in offering this course in a HyFlex environment?
  • Are there any other lessons learned that would be helpful for others interested in HyFlex teaching?

Accessing the Funds

These one-time funds will be transferred to a Faculty/Departmental account by July 1, 2021, from which instructors may withdraw for their teaching, research, and/or professional development needs. Approvals/reimbursements for spending will be facilitated through the Deans (or their designate) and funds will typically be spent within 12 months, with a maximum three-year duration (expiration June 30, 2024; extensions will not be granted). To access your funds, please contact your Dean (or designate) after July 1, 2021.

Case-By-Case Consideration

* Grants for instructors who are not formally recognized in the Timetable as teaching in a HyFlex delivery mode, but plan to integrate a HyFlex component in one or more of their courses, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such requests may be sent via email to hyflex@uwindsor.ca, and shall include the course title(s) and number(s), along with a brief description of how HyFlex is being integrated into the course(s) for the Fall 2021 semester. There are two deadlines for reviewing these requests: July 15, 2021, and July 30, 2021.

Additional questions or concerns regarding HyFlex Teaching and Learning Grants may be directed to ctl@uwindsor.caand questions about HyFlex generally can be directed to hyflex@uwindsor.ca.

Additional information about HyFlex is available: modes, introductory resources and workshops is available, and feel welcome to contact us with questions.