HyFlex Classroom

HyFlex Classes Information and Support

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes to how we work, teach, and learn at the University of Windsor. One of those changes came in the form of one-time Ontario government funding which enabled the University to upgrade technologies in a group of classrooms that allow us to offer livestreamed classes and events from those spaces. A portable version of the HyFlex classroom technology will also be available. In all, 22 classrooms will have live-streaming capabilities, and 15 mobile HyFlex units will also be available. This site is a joint project between the Office of Open Learning, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, and IT Services, who are supporting HyFlex instructors and students.

What is HyFlex at UWindsor?

HyFlex teaching provides choice to learners in their mode of engagement with the learning. Learners have the choice to attend classes in face-to-face or online modalities. Watch a video of HyFlex at UWindsor.


All instructors who are teaching a HyFlex course will be added to an MS Team titled UOW - HyFlex Classrooms, which is a place to ask questions, share ideas, and find resources. If you are not able to access the Team, please email ooltech@uwindsor.ca. The HyFlex team will be monitoring the Team channels to provide support and information as needed. There are separate channels for instructors and TAs and each will have relevant information for that group. It is our goal to provide an informal, collegial and supportive community within the Team site. If you have questions about HyFlex, grant money, or administration, please email hyflex@uwindsor.ca where the team can triage and provide the most up to date information.

For further resources regarding HyFlex teaching, view the University of Windsor Course Delivery Modes comparison and HyFlex Course Design resources. Workshops are available.

Booking Time in your HyFlex Classroom

Access to classrooms other than for scheduled class time must be booked through the Registrar’s Office which will which in turn, sends requests to Health & Safety and Campus Police and Maintenance due to COVID restrictions, as outlined in this TeamDynamix Knowledge Base Article.

Requests for AV support in your trial session should be submitted via a TDX ticket. Please coordinate your schedule with your HyFlex TA so they can assist you and practice with you.

Getting Audio Visual (AV) Support

AV Services will be supporting HyFlex classrooms, F2F classrooms and on-campus events throughout the semester.

Fast-response AV support can be reached via:

  • calling ext. 3051 (the normal/known process from pre-COVID; this number is posted on classroom consoles/phones)
  • emailing avsupport@uwindsor.ca  (which will go to the AV Student Technicians channel in the UOW - HyFlex Classrooms team).  Please provide your location (building and classroom) and a brief description of your issue

A one-page document will be available for how to use the console and pdf versions will be emailed to instructors and will be available in the MS Team – UOW Hyflex Classrooms through the HyFlex Instructors channel under Files (top of the screen).

Please ensure either you or your TA picks up the wireless microphone you will need in class at the IT Service Desk in the lower level of UCC or if available, in the building with the AV student (check with AV to see if your building is included for building pick-up). Allow sufficient time to pick up the equipment in addition to setting up your class and technology.

Revisiting Training Recordings and Resources

This section provides you with information you can review in your own place and time as many times as you need to!

HyFlex TAs

All HyFlex TAs will be added to an MS Team entitled UOW HyFlex Classrooms. If you are not able to access the MS Team, please email ooltech@uwindsor.ca. In this site is the HyFlex support team which includes members from OOL, CTL and ITS in addition to the HyFlex TAs and the AV support employees. Each channel will have relevant information to that group where users can pose questions or respond to colleague’s inquiries. It is our goal to provide a collegial and supportive community with the MS Team. If you have questions about HyFlex please email hyflex@uwindsor.ca.

All HyFlex TAs need to complete the HyFlex TA training program. Before completing the training, be sure to meet (virtually or in person) with your instructor to discuss your specific role. Use Discussion  Questions for a  HyFlex  TA  and  Instructor to help start the conversation but feel free to add any other questions you have.

Four Part HyFlex TA Training

  • Part 1. View the introductory video, Introduction to Being a HyFlex TA, and read the TA Guide for HyFlex (Livestream) Classes.
  • Part 2. Attend a one-hour on-campus HyFlex TA Orientation. Sign up for a session on the Office of Open Learning workshop page.
  • Part 3. Meet with your instructor in your classroom to practice and get comfortable with the equipment and working together. Instructor may book time in the classroom through Robin Smith at the Registrar’s office or book time to practice with a mobile cart through IT Services.
  • Part 4. You will need to also know how to use Microsoft Teams and/or Blackboard Collaborate (depending on which your instructor intends to use) well enough to help the instructor in class and help students who may be having difficulties. We have gathered a few resources to help you learn the most relevant aspects of these systems on your own prior to the start of classes.