Methods and Tools for Interactivity

Facilitating Effective Discussions

Well-facilitated discussions can support students in developing critical thinking, communication, group, and teamwork skills, and can lead to deeper learning and changes to attitudes, behaviours, and values. The following resources can support you in designing engaging discussion questions, and facilitating effective discussions:

Online Tools for Discussion and Interactivity

There are many UWindsor-supported tools built right into Blackboard that you can use to engage students. Resources include:

There are also a number of third-party tools available online. Many of these require a membership fee to access the full version of the tool, but some do offer a "free" membership for limited but useful tools. These include:

HyFlex Course Design

HyFlex combines face-to-face with online learning. The following resources offer strategies and lesson planning ideas for actively engaging both online and in-class students at the same time.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning provides students with the opportunity to apply course concepts in a practical setting and develop both communication and professional skills. Many types of experiential learning opportunities can work well in an online environment. The Office of Experiential Learning has developed a webpage offering examples, advice, and a range of resources  .