Discussion Questions for a HyFlex TA and Instructor

Keep in mind that certain things are not up for discussion:

  • Maximum number of hours of a HyFlex contract is 50 hours over the term.
  • The HyFlex TA is required to attend every in-person class/lecture and to adhere to all campus-wide Health & Safety requirements
  • Some in-class assessment may be requested of a HyFlex TA (except for graduate-level classes), but this should not account for more than 10% of the hours allocated to the position.
  • Hosting office hours is not an expectation of a HyFlex TA position.

Discuss with your Instructor:

  • What platform will the instructor be using?
    • Teams, Blackboard Collaborate, other?
  • How does your instructor want you to interact with the chat?
    • Answer questions students post?
    • Pass questions on to the instructor?
      • Raise hand at every question? Wait for a predetermined break?
  • What teaching activities is your instructor planning to do in class?
    • Examples: Share screen, show videos, breakout rooms, polls, whiteboard, students turning on microphones on their laptop/mobile device to talk in class
  • Are they planning on using any tools other than Bb or Teams during class?
    • Examples: Kahoot, Mentimeter, etc.
  • When will you and the instructor test things out in the classroom? If you will not have use of a HyFlex classroom, you can practice using the mobile cart by booking time through IT Services.
  • What are the instructor’s expectations for your communication with students in the course?
  • How should you notify the instructor in case of an emergency prior to class?
  • Will you have any meetings- in person or virtual - to discuss how things are going during the course?
  • Once you and the instructor are familiar with the classroom and the equipment, discuss who will be setting up what prior to the start of class and discuss testing equipment prior to the start of each class. Keep in mind that although the door may be unlocked for you prior to the class, it is possible that you may need to wait for the instructor to gain access to the room, and this may change over the semester.
  • Add other questions you may have.