Getting Comfortable with Your HyFlex Classroom

Here is a handy checklist to help guide you through making the most of your time getting to feel comfortable in your HyFlex classroom.

Note: Be sure to bring with you any portable devices you will be using during class. (HyFlex TA should bring their laptop and headset. The instructor should bring their iPad, tablet, or laptop if they intend to use it during class.)

Discuss the answers to these questions:

  • □ Will the instructor remain at the podium, or will they move around the room?
  • □ If moving around the room, does the instructor want the camera to follow them?
  • □ If moving around the room, will the instructor be using a face shield/goggles, or rolling the partition?
  • □ Will the whiteboard be used?
  • □ Will any other equipment beyond the podium, camera, project/screen, and whiteboard be used?
  • □ If you have not had a chance to review the specific roles of the HyFlex TA, take some time to do it now. Use the Discussion Questions for a HyFlex TA and Instructor checklist to get you started.


  • □ Log into the Crestron system with instructor’s UWin ID.
  • □ Use the IT Services documentation as an aid to use the equipment and perform various functions.
  • □ Test projection, audio, video, camera, and recording.
  • □ Test any other equipment the instructor will be using.
  • □ Practice using the control panel, even the features that you think you will never need to use.
  • □ Test how far in each direction the instructor can move before the camera can no longer follow them.
  • □ Make a mental note of how the mic clips on and where on the clothes it works best.
  • □ Repeat and spend time to feel comfortable with the various controls.
  • □ While testing, practice maintaining physical distancing and protocols as per current Public Health regulations.
  • □ Once familiar with how to ensure everything works, run a dress rehearsal. Shut everything down and start right from the beginning as if entering the room before class. Work through setting everything up, through the TA taking their seat and viewing and listening online with headphones, through the instructor presenting a test presentation with the equipment and the virtual classroom technology the instructor has chosen, as if students were present.
  • □ If there are any technical questions and there is not an AV technician present, call ext. 3051 or email

Before you leave:

  • □ Decide where the TA will be sitting. Consider they need to able to work on their own laptop with headphones, be seen by the instructor when they raise their hand, yet be able to get up to assist with trouble shooting any equipment, should it be needed.