Katie HirschThe North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity has elected UWindsor doctoral candidate Katie Hirsch its student representative for 2022-23.

Doctoral student to serve on board of international organization

UWindsor doctoral candidate in kinesiology Katie Hirsch will serve as student representative to the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity for 2022-23.

In this role, she will advocate for the roles and needs of students within the international organization, which seeks to advance the study of motor behaviour and sport and exercise psychology. Its multidisciplinary membership is made up of students, scholars, and professionals mainly in Canada and the United States.

Hirsch has been a member of the organization for several years and was drawn to it because of the focus on sport and exercise psychology, a subject which she is very passionate about.

“I knew that I had a lot to learn about being an impactful scholar and a future professor. NASPSPA’s welcoming community made me feel eager to seek out resources and assistance for learning more about how to be the professional that I hope to one day become,” said Hirsch. “I want to help other student members have those positive experiences and reap all of the benefits that NASPSPA has to offer, which is why I sought out a leadership position.”

Founding president of the Kinesiology Graduate Student Association, she is a researcher in the Sport Psychology and Physical Activity Research Collaborative laboratory. Her PhD supervisor Todd Loughead said he is excited to see her take on the role with the society.

“Katie’s leadership in NASPSPA is a natural extension of who she is not only as a leader, but also as one who has a desire to serve those around her,” said Dr. Loughead.

Hirsch expressed gratitude for the professors leading her lab.

“Dr. Loughead and Dr. Krista Chandler provide students with so much support regarding research opportunities, professional development opportunities, practical experiences, as well as care for their students,” she said. “They are fantastic role models and mentors to have in my life.”

Hirsch will join her NASPSPA colleagues for their annual conference later this month in Hawaii.

—Martin Vaughan