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Clayton Smith

Road trip solidifies student-administration relationship

A trip to Western University last week helped UWindsor staff and leaders of student government learn about other ways to deliver services.

It’s the second year for the “dean’s trip,” said Clayton Smith, vice-provost, students and international.

“It gives my staff to engage with the leaders of each of the student governments so we can build a good working relationship,” he said. “We’re taking it from a formal institutional relationship to gaining understanding of each person’s perspective.”

Meeting casts spotlight on academic integrity

A full-day retreat brought together academics, administrators and student leaders Friday to discuss issues surrounding academic integrity.

The event was organized by the office of student and international affairs.

“I pick a theme each year for the purpose of giving the staff in my area a chance to engage with the campus,” said Clayton Smith, vice-provost, students and international.

He said Friday’s session, which included an update on the Academic Integrity Review Action Plan and group discussion of related issues, provided a chance to take stock.

Campus meeting to further relationship with Chinese school

Representatives from Guangzhou College / South China University of Technology visited the University of Windsor on Wednesday, November 9.

The universities share memoranda of understanding and agreement, says Clayton Smith, vice-provost, students and international.

“We are hopeful that this visit will result in a further strengthening of our relationship with GC/SCUT,” he said.

The delegation met with the UWindsor deans of business, engineering, arts and social sciences, as well as president Alan Wildeman and other officials.