Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are very important to the School of Dramatic Art. Teaching Assistants receive compensation or course credit. They assist Professors and/or have responsibilities ranging from monitoring/instructing in labs and classes to marking assignments and tests. Serving as a Teaching Assistant provides you with the opportunity to gain experience in teaching and class management. Teaching Assistants are required in many courses, such as Directing, Theatre History, design and painting courses, Nature of Theatre, Drama in Education classes, and many more.

To become a Teaching Assistant you must have the following qualifications:

  • Completion of 2 or 3 years of undergraduate study in Drama
  • Minimum major average of 8.0 (B-) and a cumulative average of 5.0 (C-)
  • A grade of B- or better in the course they wish to TA
  • Demonstration of potential for leadership of fellow students 


Please see the attached form for information regarding our Summer 2021 TA postings